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When we started out MyxerTones.com, we were just looking for a way to let people take cool songs from a personal music collection and turn them into mobile phone ringtones. Everybody’s got a mobile phone, and everybody loves showing off their (unique yet impeccable) taste in music, right? So we sketched out some requirements, stocked up on sodas (um, right), and locked ourselves up together in a big box to build the site you see today. It’s a continual work in progress, but it looks pretty sharp and it lets people make ringtones from their own music, which is exactly what we wanted.

I’m happy to say that since we started our public Beta, we’ve built MyxerTones into a healthy and active website that’s built thousands of totally custom ringtones for some very enthusiastic people. We’re adding a lot of new users every day, getting a lot of really valuable feedback, and are now in a position of trying to improve the overall experience of the site (rather than just get the damn thing working!).

But that’s just the very first bit of the story. Along the way to delivering this product, we spent a lot of time learning about this cabal of cellular service providers and device manufacturers, and how they interact with the guys supplying the content (ringtones, wallpapers, songs, etc.) for mobile phones. What we learned is this: the wireless industry is completely whacked. I mean, you have no idea how screwy it is. These guys are way more interested in preserving and extending their existing revenue streams than they are in giving consumers (who we like to call “normal people”) freedom to use the amazing capabilities of today’s mobile phones as they see fit.

Today we’re celebrating MyxerTones.com as a small step towards putting normal people in control of their own mobile phones. Tomorrow and beyond, you’ll see us expand on this vision as we seek to fulfill the promise of the mobile phone as the first truly personal computer. We have a mountain of ideas, and we can’t wait to see what happens when the mobile phone platform is opened to the masses, as opposed to being locked down so that only today’s orifices can control it.

Welcome to MyxerTones. Have some fun, make some ringtones, and check back often to see what other cool stuff is coming.

Myk Willis
Founder & CTO

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