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Today is a really exciting day for MyxerTones, because we’ve updated the web site with a beta version of MyxerTags, an awesome new tool for independent musicians and other content producers. In a nutshell, MyxerTags allows anyone that’s created original audio content to make that audio content available for use as a ringtone on mobile phones – for free!

Let me show a quick sample first so you can get a taste. The image below is a MyxerTag I created with the MyxerTag builder. I pointed the MyxerTag builder at an original music composition, and it generated the HTML behind this image.

[send as ringtone]

If you click on that link, you’ll go to the MyxerTones web site, and you’ll be able to download that ringtone to your phone immediately just by typing in your phone number. It’s really cool, because I didn’t even have to upload the song to the MyxerTones web site before building the link – all of that is taken care of behind the scenes by MyxerTones.

So what’s awesome is that all of these local and independent bands that just want to get their stuff heard by their fans can now distribute ringtones to their fans with hardly 3 minutes of work! Take any existing audio file you’ve created and put on the web (MP3, WMA, whatever), and use the MyxerTag link builder to build a tiny snippet of HTML to paste into your own web site. Voila! Anyone visiting your site is one click away from sending your song to their phone as a ringtone.

As I said, we’ve just released the beta to the web, so we’re going to continue to refine and polish, but the basics are all there. If you have original content you want to share for use as a mobile phone ringtone, please try it out and let us know how it works for you.


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