Verizon / Motorola V710 Woes

We receive a lot of notes from confused owners of the Motorola V710. They can’t seem to find the option to “save as ringtone” after they download song files from MyxerTones. I mean, this is a sweet phone, right? So it must be that these owners are just doing something wrong. Well, you might be surprised to know that the reason for this is: carrier greed.

The fact is that Verizon has intentionally disabled the ability to save downloaded songs as ringtones on the v710 in order to force people to pay money to them (Verizon) for their limited set of canned ringtones instead of being free to use whatever ringtone they want. This isn’t the only thing they’ve crippled on this phone, as documented in various sites. It’s apparently even been enough to start class action suits against Verizon (though I’m not sure of the status of those).

Now, there are some enterprising people out there that have figured out all sorts of wonderful hacks for “healing” these phones, but the fact is that most normal people (people that aren’t comfortable with serial cables and hex editors) are just not going to be able to use MyxerTones or similar services to get what they want onto their phone. If you’re one of the brave hackers, feel free to check out sites like Wireless Advisor and Nuclear Elephant for more technical info. If not, I’m sorry to say I don’t think we can support your V710 at the current time.


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