MyxerTag Builder for MySpace

Do you have a band with songs on MySpace? If so, check out our new MyxerTag Builder for MySpace. In makes it super easy to create and publish ringtones from any song you have posted in your profile.

Just enter your profile ID and we will display all of the “downloadable” songs available in your profile. Select any song from the list, give us some basic information (if you feel like it), and we will spit out some simple HTML (a MyxerTag) that you then add back onto your MySpace profile to make ringtones of your songs available to all of your fans.

Visit our buddies from Hal to see how a MyxerTags look and work out in the wild. After you open their profile, just scroll down and click on any of the tags available. You can preview the ringtone by clicking on the picture of the speaker and if you like it, send it to your phone by entering your phone number and clicking the “send to phone” button.

If you have any questions about how this works, visit our FAQ page. If you’re still have questions or just want to say ‘hi’, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you (really).


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