Better Support for Verizon Phones

Was the sound quality of the ringtone you downloaded to your Verizon phone not quite up to snuff? Worse yet, did you have trouble setting the song you downloaded from us as your ringtone at all?

If so, try resending the ringtone using a different ringtone format. Just sign-in and go to the My Account page, change the Preferred Ringtone Format, then go back to your homepage and resend your song from the Recent MyxerTones list.

If you find a format that works better for your phone, Please drop us a note to let us know so we can update our site. If you can’t find one that works, let us know that too.

Here’s what we have heard from some of our users so far:
LG 8000 – Try MP3
Motorola E815 – Try MP3
Motorola V26x – Try QCP
Motorola V276 – Try QCP
Motorola V710 – Try MP3
Samsung SCH-A950 – Try AAC


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