Psst, buddy. Wanna sell a ringtone?

OK, check this out. You have a band, right? You’ve been using MyxerTags from Myxer to give away ringtones of your songs and wallpapers of your concert pix from your MySpace page. Well, now instead of just giving your stuff away, you can choose to sell your own ringtones for real money!

Even if you still want to give your stuff away for free to reward your fans, the new Sharing & Selling support of Myxer is really cool. It lets you do things like upload your song files to our servers (so you don’t have to host them on another website), generate reports on how many downloads you’ve had in a given period, and man wait ’til you see what’s coming next!

To use the new sharing and selling features, you just need a (free) Myxer account, and then you have to agree to the Sharing & Selling Terms of Use.

This is really cool stuff, we’re all really pumped up about what this means for artists trying to keep their independence and still make enough money from their hard work to pay some of the bills. Keep your feedback coming, we love to hear from you all!

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