Server upgrades done – we’re back!

[update Friday 8Dec06 7AM: the server upgrades went smashingly, thank you, and we're now happily back on line. So for all of you that were frantically hitting 'refresh' for the past hour or so, you should now be back in your happy place. -Myk]

Well, the Myxer site will be out of the office, anyhow, from around 4AM to 8AM CST tomorrow (Friday). Dang, that’s a long time. Anyhow, thanks to the wonderfully massive growth we’ve been going through lately (hi, Mom!), we’ve got to move some stuff out of the hallway and into its own bedroom. Er, I mean, datacenter.

I started talking with Level3 at 14:08 about changing the framing on the CHIC-NEWY backbone OC-192 to 10GigE and bringing up the other 9 lambdas on that path. Now that the network has run through it’s paces, we’re going to tear down the OC-192 between New York and Chicago to move to 100Gbps Infinera chassis between. The OC-192 will be reframed as a 10GigE and the other 9 10GigEs on the path will be lit between cities.

Ha, ha! Not really – I don’t even know what most of the words in that last paragraph mean! But we really will be down for a couple hours in the morning, but don’t fear, we’ll be back up bigger, better, and faster in no time.

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