Urban League – West Palm Beach

Yesterday we had the pleasure of doing an off-site demo for the Urban League in West Palm Beach. The Urban League is getting ready to launch a competition for their members to create an Urban League inspired ringtone so we brought out our mobile studio to give the kids some inspiration. One thing we couldn’t believe was how technologically advanced these kids were by using bluetooth so well. This makes us think we might want to enhance the site to work better for people who want to use bluetooth to receive ringtones rather then over the air. In all it was great fun and always a learning experience. We would like to also give a special thanks to Gloria, Patrick, Shan, Edward, Kiki, Yaya and Bella and everyone else for making us feel so welcomed. Check out a couple on the spot freestyles from a few members.

Bella’s Freestyle
Kiki and Yaya’s Freestyle

Over and out.

Dr. Oze

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  1. Angelica January 4, 2008 at 3:05 pm #

    why cant i get my ttones !!!! its been like a whole day !! and wats with the message that sayz “sorry myxer can only charge a Verizon user’s phone bill for a ringtone. Please visit http://www.myxer.com on you PC” DOES THAT MEAN IM GETTING CAHRGED EXTRA???!? THIS SITE SUCKS!

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