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“One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach: all the damn vampires….”
–Grandpa, The Lost Boys

Waaay back in 1987, a low-budget vampire flick called The Lost Boys grabbed America by the … ah … veins and became a bona-fide pop culture phenom. Starring the Coreys (Feldman and Haim) and Keifer “I’m now a god starring in 24” Sutherland, the movie was a scary, fun and funny romp into the (un)lives of bloodsuckers and the teenagers tasked to hunt them.

Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer – except 10 years before Buffy was a glimmer in creator Joss Whedon’s eye.

Now, 21 years later, Lost Boys: The Tribe will be unleashed on video tomorrow … and Myxer is the exclusive provider for The Tribe ringtones and wallpapers for your mobile phone. All the content is ad-supported (read: free), and up for grabs right now at the site.

The sequel takes us to the shady surf city of Luna Bay, where vampire surfers murder anyone who crosses their path. When shy girl Nicole unwittingly drinks the blood of a vampire, her brother Chris must locate and destroy the gang’s Head Vampire before his sister’s transformation is complete. There’s gobs of references to characters from the original film, and the best part — “Holy ***! The attack of Eddie Munster!” —  features appearances from The Lost Boys actors the Coreys, and Jamison Newlander.

We’re stoked for its release, as the original Lost Boys was a vamp flick that most definitely did not suck. Check out the free mobile content at Myxer, and get ready for Lost Boys: The Tribe coming to video tomorrow!

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