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As you Myxer faithful know, is the biggest and best place to find ad-supported (that means free, homes) content for your mobile phone. Our motto is “Go with it!”, and when users zip content to their phones, we call that being “mobilized by Myxer.”

Well, meet indie musician Matthew Ebel. (He’s a handsome devil, ain’t he?) The Boston-based rocker is literally Going with it and being “mobilized” in a way we’ve never seen before. Ebel — who’s known for his spunky, fun rock tunes (his bio proclaims he’s a “space pirate captain that takes his fans and friends beyond the mundane” … and we totally agree with that) — recently gave a shout on his blog that Myxer couldn’t resist.

Since Ebel is spending the summer rocking the residents on Block Island, Rhode Island, he needed some wheels to get around. But he also wanted to make a difference, and not use a gas-guzzler for his island-based travels. “I want to show this island a better way to get around than the usual single-occupant SUV,” he wrote in the post. “You can help me make it happen! Most people won’t want to bike everywhere like I do, but I want to introduce them to an electric bike conversion kit.”

Ebel asked for corporate sponsorshop to snag the kit, and rose to the challenge. Behold, the first video Ebel created about his soon-to-be-constructed electric bicycle:

Ebel will be posting updates about the “Myxercycle” on his blog in the weeks ahead. (Now if we can just get him a spandex suit that says MYXERMAN, he can give the Dark Knight a run for his money.) It’s a cool story of an independent musician not only caring about the environment, but giving a holler to the community for support.

Even cooler than the Myxercycle is Ebel’s music itself. His music is a fun blur of rock and pop, with intelligent lyrics. Check out free samples of his music here, and dig his Myxer Artist page. There, you can snag some ad-supported (that’s free, homes) ringtones based on his songs.

Finally, click the link below to listen to — and download! — the title track of Ebel’s latest album, “Goodbye Planet Earth.” It’s free!

Matthew Ebel – “Goodbye Planet Earth”

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