“The Office” star Rainn Wilson has new movie, podcast, ringtones

We love the NBC show The Office — in the world according to MINE, it’s the funniest show on TV. One of our favorite characters, nerdly Dwight, is a hoot. The paper salesman digs Battlestar Galactica, is an uber science-fiction geek … and is a social trainwreck. While we MINERS idolize geeks of the highest magnitude (we’re all armed with +4 Spectacles of Vulcan Knowledge here at MINE HQ), we don’t want to be Dwight.

But damn, do we want to be Rainn Wilson, the guy who plays him.

Wilson is starring in a new film debuting next week called The Rocker. He plays Robert “Fish” Fishman, a rock and roll drummer who, back in the 1980s, was on the cusp of superstardom — but was booted from the band. While his band Vesuvius roared to the top of the charts, Fish was doomed to an anonymous office life for the next 20 years. Until his nephew’s band needs a drummer to play at the 2008 high school prom….

The movie looks like hella fun, and to celebrate its release, MINE’s sister site Myxer.com has posted official (and awesome!) ringtones and wallpapers you can download to your phone. And while getting paid to beat on drums for a comedic movie is one reason (of many) that we’re courting a serious bout of Rainn Envy, it doesn’t compare to Wilson’s latest project, the video podcast “Book Chat.”

Book Chat

Book Chat

Book Chat — found here in iTunes — is Wilson at his funniest. But what astounds us geeks is the living legend he’s interviewing for the show: former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash. Book nerd Wilson does everything wrong in these interviews (making them absolutely right), as he mistakes Slash for Maya Angelou, asks the guitarist to create a theme song for the show, commands Slash to read with a more “manly” voice, and much more.

Slash resorts to physical violence. It’s brilliant stuff.

Dig this link for a peek at one of Wilson’s Book Chat episodes, titled “London” over at the MINE blog … and be sure to check out the podcast, ringtones and upcoming The Rocker flick!

–J.C. Hutchins

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