A Billion “Thank Yous” To All The Myxer Faithful

At Myxer, there’s rarely a day when we don’t have to step back, pinch ourselves, and give thanks for all the amazing things that have happened in the 5 years since we launched. And with this one, we can barely contain our excitement, as it’s truly such a notable, impressive benchmark— our 1 billionth download.

As we’ve grown, the Myxer community has grown along with us and supported us the entire way, and for that— we just cannot thank you all enough. Your faithful patronage (all 30 million+ of ya!) has enabled us to become the “go-to” destination for the best in mobile entertainment and personalization.

With a ton of exciting new features and awesome content on the way, we remain just as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we were way back in 2005! So, really— a huge thank you guys— here’s to another billion, and for allowing us to have so much fun while bringing you the best in mobile entertainment!

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