“Free Tunes” Tuesday: Erin Barra

Editors note: You are not crazy, I am. I’ve just been informed it’s Wednesday. “Free Tunes” will return at its regularly scheduled time, yes— next Tuesday!

It’s that time kiddies— another fine installment of “Free Tunes” Tuesday. And once again it’s on, with a true gem!

Brooklyn’s Erin Barra has been making noise in her hometown of NYC and beyond. And, frankly, it’s kinda difficult not to be a little bit in awe when listening to her music— as it’s patently and immediately clear— that it courses through every bit of her being.

It’s always refreshing to come across an artist in today’s landscape where the that kind of talent takes you aback, straight away. Perhaps that’s why the legendary John Oates of Hall & Oates also lends an endorsement on Erin’s site.

“When I first met Erin Barra at Berklee… I sensed she had something special. After our first writing session together, my instincts were confirmed. She is an “old Soul” musician with a very modern songwriting sensibility. She is the type of artist who can have a long career in the music business.” – JOHN OATES

Wow, if that’s not a super-cool “co-sign,” we don’t know what is! Check out her lil’ sparkler of a track, “Skyline,” after the jump (oh, did we mention it’s free?) a poignant ode to her adopted town of NYC, maybe?

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