Urban Renewal: Detroit Lives!

As part of their ‘Exploration Series,’ and in what proved a pretty interesting and successful pairing, Palladium Boots enlisted the talents of Johnny Knoxville, as correspondent— tasked with unearthing Detroit’s cultural gems of yesteryear, as well as exposing its new DIY-fueled renaissance.

From the Motown sound to the MC5, Detroit has always been a city synonymous with groundbreaking musical stock, but what lies beneath the surface these days is a deep, intrinsically driven artistic movement with hopes of civic reclamation in the process.

Though popular media would have you believe it is a city in perpetual despair, this short film dispels that myth and finds Knoxville mixing it up with and shedding some light on the proponents and proprietors of this new Detroit. So, check it out and learn all the tidbits you never knew about one of America’s Greatest Cities. Not to be missed!

And while you’re at it—don’t forget your mobile Motown flair. The perfect wallpaper for rollin’ around town in a classic American muscle car:

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