Droze Saves The Day!

Myxer Creative Director and “friend of the animals” Ryan Droze was late for work today. Ordinarily it’d be at least 30 lashes for a transgression of this sort, but alas we’ll forgive him… For on his way to work this lovely South Florida morning, and much to his dismay, Droze encountered a hobbled seagull (true story!).

At one of Broward County’s most-trafficked intersections, Sample Rd & Powerline, the injured Gull was spotted by the “Eagle-eyed” Droze, darting in and out of traffic, evidently hindered by a “bum wing.”

Not one to sit idly by, Droze quickly hopped out of his ride and attempted to corral the little bugger who though injured, as the report has it—was still quite elusive! An unnamed local man then also joined in the chase, and ultimately the injured lil’ guy/gal (sorry, nobody checked) was snatched up and promptly turned over to a local bird rescue!

Aww… Very commendable, Ryan! Even if we do say ourselves. Moral of the story, Myxer loves the animals!

On that note, though we don’t have any Seagull ringtones— we do have a Wild Turkey ringtone— just in time for Thanksgiving!

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