The Easy Way to Share Free Mobile Videos, Wallpapers & Ringtones: Myxer’s ‘Send-To-Friend’

In this video we find ‘The Dude’ at the post office and we teach him the “right way” to send all the best free mobile content to friends and family— totally hassle-free! He’s using a PC in our example, but anything he does in the video can also be quickly and easily done from your mobile phone.

The wonders of Myxer ‘Send-To-Friend’ are endless… Found a great ringtone, want to share it? Easy peasy, no problem. Just click the “Send to Friend” button next to most content items on Myxer!

Dive on into the Myxer catalog, and start sharing now! Here’s a great one to share with everybody, a little Frank Caliendo as John Madden— just in time for the NFL Playoffs!

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