Video Didn’t Kill The Radio Star…(or did it?)

They say that Video Killed The Radio Star… What do you think?  Certainly there are a lot of former radio stars making some killer videos…  Now you can watch your favorite high quality music videos right at  We have launched a new Music Videos category with thousands of the best new and classic music videos… Watch them, share them with your friends, like them on Facebook, leave a comment, Tweet your heart out, but most of all enjoy killing some time by watching some killer videos!

Here’s a sample from the Beastie Boys.  Check out this crazy video for Make Some Noise from their brand new, long awaited album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

How many celebrity cameos can you spot?

And speaking of video, like the colorful Beastie Boys album art, here’s a free wallpaper image of a “colorful” old-school video camera…

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