You’ve Got 404: The 411 on 404 Error Pages

Have you ever clicked on a bad link and ended up at a web page that didn’t exist? Wait a minute…  Unless you break the space-time continuum it would be impossible to visit a web page that didn’t exist… Let’s start over…

Have you ever clicked on a bad link and ended up at an error page telling you the page you were looking for didn’t exist? Chances are you’ve encountered the infamous “404″ or “Not Found” error message on more than a few occasions. 404 is an HTTP standard response code indicating that your browser found the web server it was looking for, but it did not find the particular page you were looking for.  Because it is so commonly encountered, many websites have taken to creating their own custom 404 Error pages, turning an otherwise unsatisfying experience into a chance to inform or entertain a misplaced visitor to their website.  There are many great examples of creative 404 Error pages and some really funny 404 error pages that are sure to make you smile.

Not ones to be outdone when it comes to creative fun, the Myxer team has taken the custom 404 Error page to new heights!  We have created our own 404 Error Page ringtone so that if you do end up at a digital dead end, you can at least grab a cool piece of mobile content before you go on your merry way!  Even better, you can grab the embed code for the “You’ve Got 404″ ringtone and put it on your own website’s 404 Error page too!

Hopefully you won’t encounter our 404 page in the wild and your visits to Myxer will remain error free.  With that in mind you can still download or grab the “You’ve Got 404″ ringtone from the widget below.  Make no mistake about it, it’s an awesome ringtone.  Check it out, and if you do use it on your own 404 page, let us know and leave us a link to your site in the comments.

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