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At Myxer we like to think that we, too, “boldly go where no man has gone before…”  Instead of the outer limits of the universe, we have been dedicated to fully exploring the world of mobile entertainment… but I digress.  The “Star Trek” reference above may peg me as a fan, but I am fairly certain I am not the lone Trekkie among Myxer’s millions of users.  In fact, did you know that Lt. Sulu was a Myxer user?

Beam Me Up!

That’s right. Legendary Star Trek actor George Takei has been actively promoting his “Ohhh Myyy!” Ringtone on Myxer through his twitter account and elsewhere. There have been several thousand tweets and retweets of @GeorgeTakei pointing his fans to Myxer for the ringtone of his signature dialogue line. Our Myxer Widget has even appeared on the pages of popular entertainment website Using Myxer for good, Lt. Sulu – er, Mr. Takei, is selling his ringtone and donating the proceeds to benefit The Old Globe Theater in San Diego. Ohhh Myyy!

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For those of you who are not inclined to shell out a buck fifty to contribute to Mr. Takei’s cause, here is a free “Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu” screensaver from our friends at KoolrPix. Enjoy!

Myxer: Privacy Policy | Terms – More from KoolrPix Designs


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