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As a visitor to The Official Myxer Blog you get a first look at our brand new FREE Internet Radio service, Myxer Social Radio.  You can start listening now in your web browser by visiting www.myxer.fm.  I could tell you all about the cool features of Myxer Social Radio, like listening to great music in group rooms with your Facebook friends…and chatting with them in real-time while you are listening… or tagging songs with your own video Song Stories to share what a song means to you… I could tell you all about it, but I won’t.  Since a picture is worth at least a thousand words, I’ll let this short video fill you in instead…

Visit www.myxer.fm now to check out Myxer Social Radio on your laptop or PC and stay tuned for the Myxer Social Radio iPhone and Android apps coming soon.

Thanks to Myxer  Social Radio, you’ll never need to listen to your “old school” broadcast radio again… but if you want to remember what a radio used to look like, here’s a free “Radio” wallpaper image for you.  Enjoy.

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