How To Create A Listening Room in Myxer Social Radio

There’s always a room for great music on Myxer Social Radio!  It is simple to create your own rooms from your iOS or Android device, or right from the web at  You can “seed” your room with up to 5 different artists, and give it your own cool name.  For example, I created a room called  ”All Billy” and seeded it with Billy Joel, Billy Idol and Billie Holiday (yes, I have strange musical tastes – but I do get a cool mix of music in that room!)

To create a room yourself, just go to the ROOMS tab in your browser (MY ROOMS on your mobile) and select CREATE NEW ROOM.

Add an artist (or up to five), name your room and you’re all set.



Now you can start listening and invite your friends to listen with you.  Once you are in a room you can even CHAT with everyone in the room.  Here’s a short video highlighting how to create a room:

Now you know how easy it is to create a room in Myxer Social Radio.  We look forward to listening with YOU!

Speaking of listening to great music, here’s a “Happy Listening” free wallpaper image for your phone.  Enjoy!

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