Add a ‘Send To Phone’ button to your site

Here is a easy way to mobilize the content on your site or blog by adding a ‘Send to Phone’ button under any image, video, or music file. A good example of this is how lets users with music or pictures in their online storage accounts send their content straight to their phones. Using the Myxer API you can send a url to Myxer with a phone number and we will send it to that phone – Cool!

This is a static example but realistically you’d want to script this to dynamically appear next to any content on your site – images, music, or videos.

Here is the breakdown of the url example above: slash is important)


u=url-encoded url of content (required) – This can be the url to a music file, picture, or video.


t=display name (required) – This will be used as the display name for the content.

That’s it, one link and you are set! Let us know how it goes, I can’t wait to see where they’ll start showing up. Have Fun!


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