“Free Tunes” Tuesday: Keshia Angeline

For today’s installment of “Free Tunes” Tuesday, we present to you live from Myxer’s MobileStage, Canada’s own, Keshia Angeline.

Her unique blend of R&B and Pop has certainly had a lot of Myxer fans taking note of this young starlet on the rise.

Grab the MP3 for Keshia’s hot new single, “Only You” and see what the hot fuss is really all about!

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“Checking In”: Location-Based Social Networks

With all the hoopla surrounding location-based social networks, this month’s edition of The BoomBox Report focuses in on patronage of these networks and, as per usual, the results are pretty darned interestin’.

Read on…

“Over the last two months Myxer has been surveying our users to determine their level of engagement with location-based social networks, one of the hottest topics in the mobile and tech sectors right now. We surveyed over 1,500 respondents who were downloading content onto their mobile phones and asked them questions to determine what percentage used location-based services, how often they “checked in,” the number of friends within their network(s), and if they did not use Location Based Social Networks, why?

A surprisingly low (11%) of users said that they use location based social networks, with MyTown representing the largest percentage, garnering 56% of users. This number trumps some of the more well know location based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla.

For those who didn’t use the services, only a small segment (14%) claimed privacy as the reason, while 56% claimed lack of interest, and nearly a quarter (23%) reported that their phone didn’t have the capability.”

You can find the complete survey results here

We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to submit any comments or feedback to boombox@myxer.com

Oh, and speaking of checkin’ in– check this one out!

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Mobile Content Spotlight: Wolfgang’s Vault

On this morning’s commute, I heard Pink Floyd’s “Time” from the classic album ‘Dark Side Of The Moon.’ And, it reminded me of some of the incredibly cool content that we get to touch, here at Myxer, on a daily basis. As soon as I arrived at work, I sent this to my phone.

The good folks at Wolfgang’s Vault, the world’s best source of free, streaming Classic Rock music and one of the foremost authorities on the genre, supplied us with these amazing wallpapers based on original gig poster designs from their very storied archive.

So, next time you’ve got a hankerin’ for some of that “feel-good” Classic Rock music or imagery, head on over to the Wolfgang’s Vault Channel on Myxer! Oh, and while you’re at it— don’t forget to cruise on by the Wolfgang’s Vault site to check out all of the amazing retro t-shirts, gig posters and all sorts of other killer memorabilia!

Get the wallpaper here:

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“Free Tunes” Tuesday: D-League

Each Tuesday going forward, we’ll be featuring free music from some of Myxer’s brightest stars. Today live from Myxer’s MobileStage we present to you, Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s D-League.

This South Florida hip hop duo consisting of emcees, Demo & Uncut, are on their grind and makin’ serious noise here at Myxer. Check out the goodness, as D-League flex their “A” game with the fresh new single “Are You Ready.”

Grab the free MP3, here:

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Double Vision: Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”

Congrats are in order for the lovely Katy Perry, who this week took a double-dip at the #1 spot in the U.S. According to Billboard, Katy’s “Teenage Dream” album hit No.1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, while the album’s red-hot, eponymous single also angled in at No.1 on the Digital Songs Chart.

As the official ringtone provider for Katy, Myxer would like to send a spirited “shout out” to Capitol, EMI and Katy’s management for this wonderful accomplishment. Here’s to many more!

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