Mobile Content Spotlight: “Experience The Rainbow”

Did you know you could taste the rainbow on your phone? Yep, that’s right, we said it. You’ve tasted the rainbow, now one of the world’s favorite candies, Skittles, wants you to experience the rainbow!

Visit the rainbow from the web or right from your phone, and check out all the rainbow-colored, candy-coated fun you or your phone could ever handle!

You can wallpaper the rainbow or watch the rainbow, but we must caution you to be careful ’cause you don’t want to wind up like the guy below.

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“Free Tunes” Tuesday: Dennis ‘DMoney’ Martinez

We love discovering new artists, and today’s artist has so much swagger, we’re glad to share this with you.

Sporting flashes of Jay-Z and Jason Derulo, Derrick “DMoney” Martinez is poised to make serious moves in the game. An East Coast swagger and pop sensibilities meet to create a winning formula.

Check out the bouncy, built-for-radio track “My Girl” featuring Yung Triy— we guarantee you’ll be singin’ this one from morning ‘til night! If you enjoy DMoney’s song, like we do here, make certain you check out all of his ringtones, too!

And when everyone asks where you heard him first, just tell ‘em Myxer— of course!

Download the MP3 song from our widget after the jump!

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Brand Reach: Are You Maximizing Yours?

This article, ‘Are You Getting Your Pizza The Mobile Pie’ was penned by Myxer’s Chief Evangelist and “man-about-the-country,” Jeff Sass, and originally appeared @ his blog.

I had the pleasure of participating on two panels and giving a “spotlight” presentation at DigiDay: Mobile in NY on Monday. Nick Friese, Tameka Kee and the entire DM2 Media team run a great series of events focusing on all aspects of Digital Media, and my employer Myxer has been happy to be one of the sponsors of both DigiDay: Apps and DigiDay: Mobile. I enjoy speaking before a crowd, and had some fun this time bringing along an edible “prop.” The description of the session and video of the presentation is below. What do you think? Does the idea of “branded mobile content” resonate with you? I welcome your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

FREE Branded Content: Mobile For The Mass Market: Apps, apps, apps. Location, location, location. These are the incessantly buzzing Buzz words of the day. But the majority of U.S. mobile subscribers don’t have a Smartphone yet, and they have little interest in sharing their every move with friends and marketers. How do brands reach the masses of the mobile marketplace in fun, engaging and attention getting ways? With branded personalization content that rings true across all handsets, smart or not. Brands from GEICO to SKITTLES to FORD to ORBIT and more have leveraged the broad reach of free branded mobile content to establish lasting engagement with consumers.

So, did the little piggy cry “weee, weee, weee— all the way home?” Guess you’ll have to download the ringtone from the widget below to find out!

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Artist Spotlight: Trey Songz

Not many artists on the planet are quite nearly as hot as Trey Songz right now.

With a new album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure in stores this week, being one of the most sought-after collaborators in the music industry, a red-hot U.S. Tour, and some sure-to-be-electrifying dates with Usher planned— simply put, the man is straight-up “wildfire.”

Myxer is honored and proud to be working with a talent of Trey’s caliber on some exclusive initiatives, such as his super-fresh, exclusive-to-Myxer Tour Tones.

Whether you’ve just seen Trey recently, or simply can’t get enough (like some folks ’round these parts!) and want a unique memento or keepsake to remind you of Trey every time your phone rings— these right here are the ticket!

Check out all the Trey Songz Tour Tones at the above links, or quickly and easily preview them from our nifty widget below:

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Trade Shows: Using Mobile Content To Stand Out From The Crowd

Your booth here.

Trade shows— love ‘em or hate ‘em— are just a necessary evil for many folks. Depending on your industry (and, of course I’m not qualified to speak on the more exciting sorts, like say the Dental or Real Estate industries), surrounding many of the shows, there’s a plethora of great parties and exclusive events to attend, for those who enjoy schmoozing into the wee hours.

A majority of the trade shows I’ve had the luxury of attending have been in Las Vegas. And, invariably, at the end of each day the convention halls are littered with flyers of all shapes and sizes— strewn across every conceivable square foot. In an age when green initiatives are ever prevalent in marketing, advertising and products, I’m genuinely amazed (sort of) whenever I see this.

At Myxer, we’re always thinking of cool, new ways to empower people through our technology. So here’s an awesome, easy way to stand out (not to mention a more “eco-friendly” one!) if you, or perhaps your company are throwing an event at your next trade show.

  • First, if you don’t have a Myxer account, you’ll have to sign up— no worries though, it’s wicked-easy and lightning-fast! Once you’ve selected your account type and completed the sign-up process, you can begin uploading content items to your profile straight-away.

Get creative and have fun with it...

  • Now the fun begins… Put your design (or your designer’s) skills to work and come up with a seriously kick-booty event invite.
  • Remember, people will be viewing these on their phone or mobile device, so a safe size to design your flyer would be 360X480. Check out our example at right:
  • For each content item you upload, that item will automatically be assigned a “texting code.” You can also select your own based on your company name or a particular event you’re promoting. For example purposes, we’ve used “MAGIC” on our invite.

So now you’ve had your morning coffee and settled in at the booth, and it’s not long before you’re chatting up a potential customer. After some time, you’ve decided you like them well enough to invite them to your event. You’ve got a couple options here, you can simply tell them about the event and let them write down the text code and short code (and hope they remember), or you could get a little fancy and drop a nice, simple business card like this on ‘em:

Much less expensive, substantially less paper— and pretty dang slick!

Now that you’ve handed out your nifty, Speakeasy-influenced card, which makes things feel a bit more exclusive, let’s give you a bit of a feel for the process your invitees will experience.

Once they’ve texted “MAGIC” to 69937 (Myxer’s shortcode), they’ll get a text message that looks similar to this example, below:

Simulated image

The user then simply clicks the link in the text message they’ve received from Myxer, their mobile browser takes them to the corresponding image where they can easily download and save it to their device!

The coolest trade show event invite ever!

Voila, your invite has been received! Your elated party-going guest then shows this to the powers that be (a.k.a. “the door guy”), frolicks heartily at your stellar event— only to return to the trade show the following day ready to write some serious business with you!

Win, win…


Oh, and even if you’re not headed to any trade shows in Vegas anytime soon, that’s okay. You can still check out what the invite would like on your phone by downloading our sample from the widget below, or simply texting MAGIC to 69937. Enjoy!

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