Sing Your Heart Out On Valentine’s Day!

We’d like to think that Love is always in the air here at Myxer, but things get especially mushy each February around Valentine’s Day.  This year we have partnered with our good friends at Sonicbids and the International Song Writing Competition (ISC) to bring you an awesome assortment of Romantic Ringtones to help you answer those Kissin’ Calls and share some Sweet Serenades with your significant other(s).

Share The Love

The ISC’s “Sing Your Heart Out” Valentine’s Day channel on Myxer features 400 songs from emerging Sonicbids artists who submitted to the International Songwriting Competition, and Myxer has created a special Valentine’s Day Channel featuring the most popular of these love songs as free ringtones.  What are you waiting for?  Now you can turn your mobile phone into a “love” phone, and make Valentine’s Day even more special every time you get a call or text alert.  Even better, pick the perfect love song and click “send to friend” to treat that special someone with a heartfelt tone, just from you.

Get your Valentine’s Day started with this romantic ringtone, “I Just Want To Love.”  And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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BoomBox Report 2010 Year In Review: Invasion of the Androids!

The latest edition of Myxer’s BoomBox Report takes a look back at the trends of 2010 and comes away with with a clear winner: Google’s Android OS. As Myxer’s traffic from smartphone users continues to grow, the most dramatic increases were from Android devices. Last year Myxer published a map of the U.S. showing which states were dominated by the  iPhone versus those states dominated by Android phones based on Myxer’s database of registered users, and 2010 saw a clear shift of many states from the iPhone to the Android camp.  According to BoomBox,

“During 2010 Myxer saw visits from the Android OS grow from 12% in December 2009 to a massive 40% by December 2010. As to the State of Affairs for 2010, Android spread to dominance in 26 States by December 2010, knocking the iPhone down to just 17 States from 37 the year before. Apple wasn’t the only one to be pushed back by the Android invasion. In December 2010 Android surpassed BlackBerry as the leading smartphone in terms of visits to Myxer’s mobile site, with visits from Android devices growing an impressive 243% over the course of 2010, while visits from BlackBerry handsets declined by 23%.”

Android States versus iPhone States

Perhaps the most notable shift affecting the rapid growth of the Android OS was the sheer number of types of Android phones in the marketplace.  As BoomBox reports,

“With manufacturers large and small leaping onto the Android bandwagon, many with multiple flavors of Android handsets, we saw an army like influx of Android phones in the marketplace.  At the end of 2009, we counted only 10 Android handsets visiting Myxer.  By the end of 2010 the Android troops had grown to 101 different Android OS devices visiting Myxer, with 80 different Android devices downloading content from Myxer in December 2010 alone.”

Android Hanset Mix

You can read all the rest of the data from Myxer’s BoomBox Report 2010 Year In Review here.

What do you think?  Will Android eventually win the smartphone wars?  Have they won already?  Please share your thoughts in the comments!

And if all this talk about an “Android Invasion” has you thinking of an “Alien Invasion” here’s a wallpaper image ready to invade your Android (or other) phone:

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Happy Holidays From The Myxer Team!

Click here to watch the holiday video:

We took some time out from being busy little elves—bringing you the best in FREE MP3’s, Ringtones, Wallpaper images, Videos, Apps and Games for your phone— in order to record a you a very special holiday message.

This one goes out to YOU, our 41 million users, advertisers, clients, and of course, our families and friends. A warm, safe, and ‘Happy Holidays’ from the Myxer Team!

And it wouldn’t be complete with a little holiday gift, now would it? Here’s a lil’ somethin’ to get your phone ready for the New Year. May your 2011 be bubbly and bright!

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How To Cook Up Ringtones From An MP3 With “Create Your Own”

There’s always good stuff cooking at Myxer. Sure, we have a massive catalog of MP3 songs and albums, Ringtones, Wallpaper images, Videos, Apps and Games for your mobile phone, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can use our easy “Create Your Own” feature to turn the audio files and images on your computer into your own ringtones and wallpapers.

Watch as our own Chef “Dude” takes his culinary talents to new heights as he learns how to cook up a ringtone from scratch….

If this cooking video has sufficiently whet your appetite for Chef Dude’s best friend’s brother’s band, Llama Tooth, here is the complimentary ringtone for the rocking ballad, “Mooyahhh!” Rock on!

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Google Zeitgeist 2010: Myxer Makes The Top Ten!

It’s that time of the year, when the calendar winds down toward December 31 and everyone that counts starts compiling their 2010 lists…the year’s best…the year’s worst…and on and on. In the webosphere one of the cooler annual wrap-ups is Google’s Zeitgeist Report, in which the world’s biggest search engine shines it’s light on the “spirit of the times” by looking at the most popular search queries of the year gone by. One of the top “Top 10″ lists gathered by Google Zeitgeist is the “Top 10 Fastest-Rising Queries of 2010” and the entire Myxer Team got a rise out of seeing Myxer in this year’s Top 10 list, along with some impressive company (and companies). At number 6 we topped our two favorite social networks, Facebook and Twitter, and even came out ahead of one of our most popular artist partners, Katy Perry. We are thrilled that so many people have been searching for Myxer, but come on, folks, we’re right here and here. ;-)

Here is the Google Zeitgeist 2010 list of the 10 Fastest-rising Queries:

1. Chatroullette

2. iPad

3. Justin Bieber

4. Nicki Minaj

5. Friv

6. Myxer

7. Katy Perry

8. Twitter

9. Gamezer

10. Facebook

As 2010 winds down and more “best of” and “top ten” lists emerge, it may be time for you to think about preparing your phone for the New Year. To help you rise to the occasion, here is a brand new Happy New Year 2011 wallpaper image. Enjoy!

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