Verizon message delivery problems

***12/6 UPDATE***  

Finally, some good new. We have just (and I mean just) updated our site with a new, more reliable way to send ringtones to Verizon phones.

Give it a try when you get a chance. It should work much better this time.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes (good, bad, or indifferent… but hopefully good).


***11/28 UPDATE*** 

First of all let me say, “Happy belated Thanksgiving!” to everyone. I hope at least some of you were able to download some of our featured Thanksgiving ringtones. I know you don’t usually think of Thanksgiving and ringtones, but it turns out that rapping Pilgrims are pretty popular.

Anyway… I just wanted to let you know that the message delivery still seems to be all over the place. For whatever Verizon was delivering more of the messages we sent for a while, then things got backed up for a few days, and now some people are saying they are getting their messages again.

We are still working on adding that new, more reliable way to send the messages to all you Verizon folks. Sorry it has taken a little longer that we first hoped, but we really are getting close now (really). Hang in there. I’ll post again as soon as it’s ready.

Later, Marsha


 ***10/17 UPDATE*** 

Well, I have at least some good news. People are starting to say that they are getting at least some of the messages we are sending. I know it’s not great, but it’s better than nothing. 

I have noticed some comments where folks are encouraging you to change the SMS Address on your account. Be careful. Typically that will cause even more problems. Changing your SMS Address to your vtext address will probably not work. We can’t attach the ringtones and wallpapers to vtext messages and most (non-smart) Verizon phones can’t follow a link. Some people say that if they send the messages to your email address, then forward them to their phone it works. It might. Our testing shows that sometimes that works and other times it doesn’t. If you try it and it doesn’t work then make sure to go back to the My Account -> Change SMS page and erase your SMS Address (blank is the default). 

We are still working a quicker/more reliable way to send ringtones to Verizon phones and hope that is going to be ready soon.  Stay tuned…

- Marsha



 ***10/3 UPDATE***

We haven’t forgotten about you Verizon folks. We know that most of the messages are still not being delivered. The good news it that it looks like some messages got delivered a couple of nights ago, but unfortunately, it seems to be all plugged up again.

We’ve heard from some people that they have contacted Verizon and they say that it is our fault. Well, I find that hard to believe since other free content providers are experiencing the exact same problem.

Anyway, we are working to find other/better ways to deliver content on Verizon and hope to have something available soon, real soon. 

Thanks for your patience and support. I’ll post again as soon as I have some good news.

- Marsha


As some of you may have noticed, messages delivery to Verizon phones has been extremely slow recently. Some of you may be receiving the messages hours after you request them and others may not be receiving them at all.   

Sorry for all of the delays. We send the messages as soon as you request them, but (for whatever reason) the Verizon network is refusing to accept them. Until the situation is resolved, you may receive also receive an email that says, ”SMTP: connection refused”.  

The good or bad news (depending on your view) is that other content provides are also having problems connecting to the Verizon servers recently.  

Sorry again for the trouble. We’re working on it. Trust me, we want it to work as much as you do. Please check this blog from time to time for the latest updates.  

Later, Marsha

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Verizon Update

Hey there, I just wanted to give you the latest skinny on Verizon support.

Not receiving the message? We send the ringtone messages as soon as you request them, but sometimes it takes the carriers, especially Verizon, a while to deliver them. If it’s been longer than 20-30 minutes since you sent the message, double check that you have PIX messaging enabled on your phone and that you have a valid email address on your MyxerTones account and try resending it. Be patient. You should eventually receive the messages.

Can’t sent the song as your ringtone? Bummer, dude. Go to the My Account -> Phone Details page and check to make sure that you have selected the correct make and model for your phone. Not having the right info on your account may prevent us from sending the ringtone in the right format for your phone.

If you have one of the phones below, sorry, but the ability to use downloaded songs on those phones has been disabled by Verizon or the phone manufacturer. Unfortunately, that’s out of our control and there’s nothing we can do to fix it. It’s a real bummer for us too.

  • Audiovox CDM8945
  • LG VX5200
  • LG VX8100
  • LG VX 9800
  • Pantech PN215
  • Samsung A850
  • Samsung A970

The ringtone doesn’t sound too good on your Razr? For some reason the songs we send by default are converted into QCP files before they are delivered. Since QCP is a pretty low quality format, they ringtones may not sound so good on your phone.

If you would like a higher quality sound, feel free to go to the My Account -> Phone Preferences page and change the default ringtone format to WAV. So why not always do this? Well, the drawback is that since WAV files are high quality, the files are really big and you’ll have to customize your ringtones and make them no longer than 7 seconds long.  

Having any other trouble? Please drop us a note and will be happy to take a closer look at your account.  

Thanks, Marsha

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