iPhone ringtones

Hey, everybody.

We’ve quietly introduced support for iPhone ringtones to Myxer. If you look at the main page for any item in the Myxer catalog, you’ll see a little “Download for iPhone” link under the phone number box that looks like this:

iPhone icon

Check out today’s Pick of the Day to see what I’m talking about.

When you click the link, you’ll be able to download a file to your PC that you can then import into iTunes and sync to your iPhone. Pretty cool, huh?

(We wanted to make the ringtones downloadable right from iPhone when browsing the Myxer site, but that’s not possible because of how Apple’s locked down the device. For now, you’ll have to use your desktop computer to pull down your tones.)

Have fun with it, and as always let us know if you have any problems or question.


— UPDATE – 7/2/2008 —

Hi again,

I just wanted to give all of you iPhone folks an update. As many of you have noticed, there is currently no Download to iPhone link if you customize a ringtone or make your own ringtone. Sorry about that.

We are working on adding that to our site and hope to have it available soon.  IWell keep you updated.


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Everyone’s at SXSW, but I’m stuck in LA

So it seems like just about everybody in the friggin’ company is in Austin at South by SouthWest now, and I’m stuck in LA with a bunch of tall guys in suits. What gives? Last year at this time, I was backstage with Amy Winehouse and Twitter was making its debut, and this year I’m getting ready for dinner with a lawyer after lunch with investment bankers.  Something has got to give here….

Here’s to hoping you all are having more fun than I am!


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New Interactive MyxerTags

Hey, everybody. Long time no see.

We recently updated MyxerTags to be a lot more slick when embedded on your MySpace or other website. On every item’s page, look for the “Sharing is fun” section about halfway down, and grab the HTML code from the box labeled Embed: (or MySpace Embed:).

MyxerTag Embed code

Then just paste it into your web profile or whatever, and you have a really slick widget that shows off the ringtone (or video, etc.).

You can grab the embed code for today’s Myxer’s Pick of the Day here (and on every other item page): http://www.myxertones.com/ringtone:224834/

If you want to see what they look like outside of the Myxer environment, here’s a little demo page Jeff put together to show them off: http://myxer.tumblr.com/

Well, that’s all I wanted to say! Everything’s going great for us here at Myxer, hope the new year is treating you well, too. Let us know.


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Halloweenie Wallpapers

Need a last minute Halloween costume for your phone? We’ve got a nice selection highlighted in Myxer’s Explore section. Here’s a sampling of some of the available wallpapers:

Evil Scarecrow.

Happy Halloween!

Have fun trick-or-treating!


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Funny Red Sox ringtones and more

Sometimes I get the feeling that South Florida (which is where Myxer is based) was actually a suburb of New York.  Lately, though, the Bostonions seem to be outnumbering Yankees around here.

Case in point: a whole new batch of original Red Sox ringtones popping up on Myxer.  Check out this batch featuring A-Rod, Manny, Jeter, and Ortiz…

Send ringtone

Send ringtone

Send ringtone

Send ringtone

Not a Red Sox fan? Make your own original stuff and let us know about it!

Peace, Myk

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