Server upgrades done – we’re back!

[update Friday 8Dec06 7AM: the server upgrades went smashingly, thank you, and we're now happily back on line. So for all of you that were frantically hitting 'refresh' for the past hour or so, you should now be back in your happy place. -Myk]

Well, the Myxer site will be out of the office, anyhow, from around 4AM to 8AM CST tomorrow (Friday). Dang, that’s a long time. Anyhow, thanks to the wonderfully massive growth we’ve been going through lately (hi, Mom!), we’ve got to move some stuff out of the hallway and into its own bedroom. Er, I mean, datacenter.

I started talking with Level3 at 14:08 about changing the framing on the CHIC-NEWY backbone OC-192 to 10GigE and bringing up the other 9 lambdas on that path. Now that the network has run through it’s paces, we’re going to tear down the OC-192 between New York and Chicago to move to 100Gbps Infinera chassis between. The OC-192 will be reframed as a 10GigE and the other 9 10GigEs on the path will be lit between cities.

Ha, ha! Not really – I don’t even know what most of the words in that last paragraph mean! But we really will be down for a couple hours in the morning, but don’t fear, we’ll be back up bigger, better, and faster in no time.

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Introducing MyxerTones Fanlists

Hey, guys. We’ve just updated the web site with the first support for MyxerTones Fanlists. Fanlists help bands connect with their fans – kind of like a buddy list or friend list – but they have the really cool feature of allowing bands to send text messages to fans to alert them of upcoming shows, new songs/ringtones, and that kind of thing.

If you’re a band and want to create a fanlist, all you have to do is make sure that your account has been recognized as a MyxerIndie. Your fanlist will be magically created for you, and will appear on your artist profile page. Just go to your artist dashboard and follow the prompts to become a MyxerIndie (it doesn’t cost anything).

Because everything goes through MyxerTones, fanlists work without giving out any of your personal information (such as phone number or email address). You remain in complete control of how many messages you receive, and you can unsubscribe from a fanlist at any time from the fanlist section of your account settings.

As always, let us know if you have any ideas that would make MyxerTones an even better place for you to make and share mobile content!

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MyxerTones CEO Spits on Steven Van Zandt

Hey MyxerTones Users and Artists,

Check this out!

[send wallpaper]

Yes that’s me, the mVisible CEO (AKA MyxerTones), Scott, having a heiny with none other than, Little StevenSilvio Dante” Van Zandt. We’re in sync on a lot of things but especially providing a leveling of the playing field for independent artists.

At one point I laughed so hard I accidentally spit on him and said “I can’t believe I spit on Sil and lived to tell about it.” Steven said, “It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.” I’m soooooooooo glad he wasn’t Sil.

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Say hi to us at CMJ / New York this week

Hey, everybody. Happy Halloween!

Several of the MyxerTones crew is going to be in New York City this week for the massive CMJ music marathon. We’re going to try to hook up with as many Myxer artists as we can track down while we’re there – please be sure to drop us a note if your band is performing so we can make sure one of us is at your gig to support & meet you in person.

Some of the great Myxer bands I know we’re going to see are Valeze, Peachcake, herMajesty, The Willowz, and locksley. There are lots more, but I know these guys specifically because they’re taking advantage of the new custom MyxerCodes feature. Bill and Marsha are the advance guard, and are probably already in full schmooze mode…

I’m also going to speaking at a panel – Downloading Dilemma: The Best and Worst Ways and Places to Sell and Market Digital Music – on on Friday at 3:30PM in the Alice Tully Lobby (inside Lincoln Center). Oh, and I just got my invite for the IODA party at the Delancey Lounge Rooftoop Thursday night, so if you’ll be at the conference or the party, please seek me out and say hi.


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Make your own ringtones is now free!

How’s this for an early Halloween gift? It’s a treat, too, and no trick – you can now use MyxerTones’ make your own feature to make and send ringtones and wallpapers to your own phone at no charge! MyxerTones Credits be gone – we shall have no more of thee!

We imagine this is going to cause quite a stir with our user base. Well, we hope it is, because we think it’s a really big deal. Because now, in addition to being able to download any of the more than 15,000 ringtones and wallpapers we have available at no charge, you can also craft your own without worrying about breaking the bank.

“But hey, I just paid you guys for credits!” Well, sweet! We’re not going to make that have been in vain. We’ve set up a reward program for anyone who’s ever paid us money for credits, or earned credits by referring their friends. If that’s you, you’re a Myxer VIP, and we’ve filled your fancy Myxer account balance with real money that you can use toward the purchase of any of the premium content being sold by our Myxer artists. How much money? How about $1 for every $1 you’ve ever paid us, and $2 for every person you’ve signed up! Yup, every dollar you ever spent you get to spend again, even if you already used the credits!

We’ve set up a page that explains the details of how this ‘credit eradication program’ has been implemented. Now get out there and make some ringtones!

As always, please let us know if there’s anything more we can do to make MyxerTones the best place to make and share mobile content in the world. We live to please!


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