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They go together like milk and cereal… ‘Cowboys and Aliens‘— “peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!” Yes, it’s a match made in advertising heaven, and one that places Myxer at such a unique and interesting crossroads in, this, our burgeoning mobile industry.

With over 100,000 independent artists, as well as strategic partnerships with major record labels EMI, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music, Myxer can bring a psychographically targeted twist to any campaign requiring a mobile solution. And with a virtual cornucopia of options, such as premium ringtone giveaways, custom artist/celebrity voicetones, mobile wallpapers, videos, MP3’s, custom vanity SMS Keywords and even dedicated QR Codes to include in other media— associating your brand with today’s hottest artists and musicians has never been easier.

Recently we saw great success in the pairing of artists Katy Perry & Jason Derulo with JCPenney, where we gave “Listen To Your Style” (a campaign targeting teenagers for JCP Teen) some pop music ”oomph!” By leveraging our partnerships with EMI and Warner Music Group, we were able to bring awesome high-profile content to the table in order to engage the target demographic.

Other successful ‘Bands and Brands’ campaign examples have included the pairing of Mos Def with the new Ford Fiesta, as well as placing indie stalwarts the Silversun Pickups in tandem with Best Buy.

So, if you’re looking to “get people listening,” just let us know… Which band is right for your brand?

Myxer: Privacy Policy | Terms – More from Mos Def

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A Priest, A Rabbi And Optimus Prime Walk Into A McDonald’s…

Some advertisers and brands may find this blog title offensive. But why? Maybe it’s because religion is a touchy subject for some or maybe it’s because there has always been a debate as to who was more badass the Autobots or the Decepticons?

While some brands like to live on the edge, many have concerns about advertising around questionable content. In any case, we here at Myxer always want our advertising partners to feel safe. So how do we achieve this? One way we’ve found over the years is to create custom Content Channels on the web and mobile web, which gives advertisers the power to approve every individual piece of content their brand or campaign is associated with.

In addition to the luxury of feeling 100% safe and secure at all times, channels grant 100% SOV to the advertiser. They also offer the ability to target specific demographics & psychographics based on the theme and content selected. And with a catalog of over 6 million content items ripe for the picking— every channel imaginable can be created.

From the hottest in up-and-coming hip hop, featured in “The Next Level,” to the cute-but-not-necessarily-so-cuddly animals featured in “The Petting Zoo,” brands like McDonald’s, Toyota and the U.S. Marines have been embracing these highly engaging mobile sponsorship opportunities.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “this all sounds great, but what do you consider ‘highly engaging’.” Well— Myxer Content Channels continue to generate hundreds of thousands of downloads a month with some of our most successful channels reaching nearly a million downloads over the life of their campaigns.

While brands like GEICO, Skittles, and Ford utilize Myxer to deliver millions of pieces of branded mobile content, this producer sincerely believes that we are just beginning to see brands scratch the surface of what is capable in the world of mobile content sponsorships.

Check out a ringtone from the Toyota-sponsored ‘Smooth Grooves’ Channel:

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Hi, I’m Neil D’Amico, Senior Integrated Producer at Myxer— and I approve this blog post!

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