It’s Official: Myxer Social Radio Now on iOS, Android and the Web!

Yes, we’ve been talking a lot about Myxer Social Radio, but that’s because we’ve been working hard on it, and because we are very proud of being able to bring you the first truly social FREE streaming music service where you can listen together with your Facebook friends in real-time.  Today it’s official, and Myxer Social Radio is available now for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as your Android phone and of course your web browser.

- Brenna Ehrlich, MTV/OMusic Awards

The media has embraced Myxer Social Radio, and we hope that you will too!  Myxer Social Radio brings friends together through music as you listen together in rooms you create or rooms created by your friends. Rooms are created through access to over 12 Million songs. While you have the flexibility of sharing your activity on Facebook on the ticker and wall, with Myxer Social Radio we bring your Facebook community into the app to create a truly engaging group-listening experience and in real-time sync across multiple mobile device platforms and the desktop web, all for free.

But don’t take our word for it.  Download the app or login on the web now.  Invite your friends and most of all, have fun listing to great music together!


And thanks to Myxer Social Radio, you can be forever together with your friend when you listen to music.  Here’s a free wallpaper for your phone to remind you…  Enjoy!

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Go Ahead, Make My Digiday: Myxer Social Radio Presentation

A few weeks ago we announced our upcoming free streaming music service, Myxer Social Radio.  Everyone at Myxer has been working hard to bring you Myxer Social Radio, which will soon be available for your iPhone and Android phones, as well as from your desktop browser.  The Internet Radio marketplace  is very exciting right now, and we are excited to bring you a totally free and fun new way for you to enjoy music with your Facebook friends.  When we first announced Myxer Social Radio at the Digiday Mobile conference on September 21st we received a tremendous amount of interest and a great deal of press coverage from Billboard, to CNET TV, to MSNBC, to MediaPost, AdWeek, AdAge and more.

We know you can’t wait to get access to Myxer Social Radio and start listening to your favorite music together with your Facebook friends in real-time.  Stay tuned, as you’ll be able to do so very soon.  Until then, you can get an inside look at what’s coming, directly from Myxer founder and CEO Myk Willis.

Here’s a video of Myk’s presentation recorded at the Digiday Mobile conference, where he first introduced the world to Myxer Social Radio:

You can be one of the first to know when Myxer Social Radio is available for download by entering your email address at

Myxer Social Radio is deeply integrated with Facebook and it has been created from the ground up to give you an amazing music experience with your real friends on Facebook.  With that in mind, here’s an exclusive Facebook  ringtone for you.  Enjoy!

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Announcing Myxer Social Radio!

At the Digiday Mobile conference in New York on September 21st, Myxer founder and CEO Myk Willis took the stage and announced an exciting new product coming in Q4 from the Myxer team: Myxer Social Radio.  We are very excited to be expanding our free offerings to go beyond mobile content downloads and also offer you free streaming entertainment.  Myxer Social Radio is deeply integrated with Facebook and will let you listen to music in real-time together with your Facebook friends.  We’re also introducing several features that we think are extremely cool, including video Song Stories™ and real-time activity streams allowing you to chat in real-time with your Facebook friends while listening to music together.

Myxer Social Radio will be available as iPhone and Android apps, and from a desktop browser.  Once you sign in with Facebook, you’ll be able to create custom “rooms” and invite your friends to listen, or listen with friends in rooms they created.  The music you hear, from our vast catalog of songs, will be dynamically enhanced by Myxer’s Social Boost™ recommendations.  It is an awesome way to get together with your friends around music.

Here’s a taste of some of the features of Myxer Social Radio:

  • Listen to music and chat in real time with your Facebook friends on mobile and the desktop web.
  • See your friends’ activities and what they are listening to in real-time.
  • Create your own custom music listening rooms or join your friends’ rooms to listen together.
  • Seed rooms from an extensive catalog of songs, artists and record labels.
  • Personalize your music experience by watching, recording and posting video Song Stories.

Everyone at Myxer has been working really hard to be able to bring you this new, totally free, totally social, Internet Radio service, and we couldn’t be more exited about it.  Myxer Social Radio will be available soon, and if you want to be among the first to know when you can download the app or log on from the web, please visit and enter your email address. We’ll notify you as soon as Myxer Social Radio opens it’s doors!  We know you love your music, and we know you’ll love Myxer Social Radio.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, for all you music lovers, here’s a neat animated Music Lover screensaver:

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Appy Birthday: The iPhone Turns 4

Today is 4 years from when Apple introduced the very first iPhone, and the entire mobile industry has changed for the better because of it.  Whether you use an iPhone, Android or other device, your phone, and your experience with it has been influenced by the iPhone and it’s many features that have made everyone realize how much the mobile web has to offer.

If you are an iPhone user, celebrate by downloading the free Myxer iPhone App.  Easily create and customize unlimited ringtones from the music on your iPhone or iPod! You can either select from Myxer’s huge catalog of great FREE ringtones (we give you the ability to fully customize and preview those, too!) – or create your own– from the music you know and love.   It’s simple, fast, and incredibly easy to do!

  • Create custom ringtones from the music stored on your phone
  • Browse, preview, and customize FREE ringtones from Myxer’s huge catalog
  • Cut the precise section of the track you want to set as your ringtone
  • Select from the most popular song sections as chosen by other Myxer users

You can download the Myxer iPhone App here.  If you don’t have an iPhone we also have Myxer apps for Android and Blackberry.  For more information about all the Myxer apps CLICK HERE.

No matter what kind of phone you have, you can wish the iPhone an Appy -er, Happy Birthday with this free wallpaper image:

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