Mobile Artist Spotlight: The Gracious Few

Former members of 90′s alternative powerhouse bands, Candlebox and Live, have joined forces to form The Gracious Few. Front man duties are helmed by Kevin Martin of Candlebox, whose unmistakable vocals are just as up-front as they were on their classic tune, “Far Behind.” Also from Candlebox, all-out shredder, Sean Hennesy handles lead guitar duty.

Live members including guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer, and drummer Chad Gracey make up the band’s monstrous rhythm section. Songs like the riff-heavy, “Appetite,” and the straight-ahead, train-comin’-down-the-tracks number, “Honest Man,” encapsulate the band’s “pull-no-punches” sound.

Myxer is proud to team up with The Gracious Few and provide some killer mobile content that you’re not gonna find anywhere else, we promise!

Check out some of the exclusive voicetones, below, pick up the album here— and prepare to rock out!

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Myxer HQ: Waffle Wednesday (Shot & Edited With iPhone 4)

Every once in a while, we like to give you an insider’s glimpse into the day-to-day goin’s-on here at Myxer HQ. And what better day to do it than on a day that we covet, one of the tastiest days of the year— “Waffle Wednesday!” Waffle Wednesday would not be possible without resident culinarian extraordinaire, Stacy, our fearless den mother with whom we couldn’t eat live without. Thanks, Stacy!

Check out the clever little ditty above, put together by none other than the venerable Droze, shot and edited entirely on his iPhone 4. Hope you enjoy!

What’s your favorite waffle topping? If you’ve got a delectable recipe— feel free to drop us a comment!

And, if you love waffles, perhaps your phone loves waffles too. Feed it the wallpaper below!

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“Free Tunes” Tuesday: Twista Featuring Chris Brown

Chicago’s Twista pioneered his speedy, world-class flow well over a decade ago– and emcees have been playing catch-up ever since. His brand new track “Make a Movie,” featuring Chris Brown on the cameo, is classic Twista with, yet with a subtle “twist.”

Steady rockin’ jams like this one, time after time, it’s not hard to see why the man’s presence alone is legendary.

Download the ringtone for free*—today, Tuesday, October 5th– only!

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Urban Renewal: Detroit Lives!

As part of their ‘Exploration Series,’ and in what proved a pretty interesting and successful pairing, Palladium Boots enlisted the talents of Johnny Knoxville, as correspondent— tasked with unearthing Detroit’s cultural gems of yesteryear, as well as exposing its new DIY-fueled renaissance.

From the Motown sound to the MC5, Detroit has always been a city synonymous with groundbreaking musical stock, but what lies beneath the surface these days is a deep, intrinsically driven artistic movement with hopes of civic reclamation in the process.

Though popular media would have you believe it is a city in perpetual despair, this short film dispels that myth and finds Knoxville mixing it up with and shedding some light on the proponents and proprietors of this new Detroit. So, check it out and learn all the tidbits you never knew about one of America’s Greatest Cities. Not to be missed!

And while you’re at it—don’t forget your mobile Motown flair. The perfect wallpaper for rollin’ around town in a classic American muscle car:

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Mobile Content Spotlight: Obey Giant

I still remember the first time I stumbled across an “Obey Giant” sticker. I’d purchased a graffiti art magazine out of Boston, the long-defunct “Skills,” at a streetwear boutique on Miami Beach named Peds, circa 1993. As I got home and eagerly rifled through the pages, two silver and black, square-shaped stickers fell out. These were no ordinary stickers, in fact, at the time, they seemed downright peculiar. On them was a grainy, photocopied image of the legendary professional wrestler, Andre the Giant, and the words—

“Andre the Giant Has A Posse.”

Okay, my curiosity was piqued, for sure, but I somehow couldn’t help my first thought being “why would someone use an Andre the Giant image on this here sticker, and moreover why would it be placed, just so, in a graffiti magazine?” Contextually, I didn’t really understand the reference beyond what seemed to be a very surface, pop culture tie-in. I mean, look, if you were a kid in the late 70′s-early 80′s, Andre the Giant certainly cut an awesome and instantly recognizable figure, not only for his prowess in the very “real” sport of Pro Wrestling, either— this was after all, no mere mortal we’re talkin’ about here— this was a mammoth man, a “giant.” Now, some seventeen years removed from that encounter, it seems, too, those were not “merely” just some random, run o’ the mill stickers.

The man who created those little silver and black stickers I happened upon, Shepard Fairey, through his early stickers and stencils, arguably gave birth to what’s become known as the modern street art phenomenon— and in the process created one of the most genius viral campaigns to date. Pardon the platitude, but I guess you could say he was “ahead of his time.”

In the years that followed you couldn’t travel to a city, domestically or abroad, where he and legions of others weren’t stenciling, wheat-pasting, and stickering his indelible images on everything from garbage cans to water towers, and every other inanimate object that stood in their paths. Though he would later achieve much greater notoriety as “oh, that guy who created the Obama poster,” it was his earliest creations that set the stage for his massive success.

I’ll truncate, get to the point, and leave you to explore all that is Shepard Fairey. But, these days, it’s interesting to note that through his companies, Obey and Studio No.1, he has created a graphic-driven empire, spanning multiple licensees, across a myriad of industries— and it all started with those little stickers, a big guy, and an even bigger idea.

Myxer is proud to present official Obey Giant mobile content, and if you’re an Obey fan, like some of us here, you’ll definitely want to outfit your phone or mobile device with a killer piece of art, from our limited Obey Giant collection!

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Bonus Recommended Viewing: Exit Through The Gift Shop

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