Montag – You’re It!

We have a wide range of artists and celebrities using Myxer as a platform for their mobile content, and it is always fun when the stars themselves help us promote  From Sulu to Snoop Dogg, many of our celebrity partners have taken to the Twittersphere to tell their fans about their content on Myxer.

The latest celeb to tout Myxer on Twitter is star of The Hills and singer Heidi Montag.  She has been tweeting up a storm to promote her ringtones on Myxer from her album SUPERFICIAL.  Ms. Montag has over 1.2 million followers on twitter, and her tweets are widely re-tweeted (including her tweets about Myxer).  Thanks Heidi!

In addition to great music, we also offer quite a few celebrity VoiceTones.  Check them out.

You can start with this one from Snoop Dogg…. “Drop It Like It’s Hot!”

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Have a Boo-tiful Day!

Happy Halloween!  All the boys and ghouls here at Myxer hope you take a few moments today to get your freak on and enjoy some awesome tricks and treats.  To ensure that a phone time is had by all, make sure you visit to scare up some rabid ringtones and wicked wallpapers to make your smartphones scream and  your feature phones frightening!  For terrifying tunes you can try out the Monster Mash and Thriller…or just get started with this horryfing HOLLAween beat.  Enjoy!

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Go Ahead, Make My Digiday: Myxer Social Radio Presentation

A few weeks ago we announced our upcoming free streaming music service, Myxer Social Radio.  Everyone at Myxer has been working hard to bring you Myxer Social Radio, which will soon be available for your iPhone and Android phones, as well as from your desktop browser.  The Internet Radio marketplace  is very exciting right now, and we are excited to bring you a totally free and fun new way for you to enjoy music with your Facebook friends.  When we first announced Myxer Social Radio at the Digiday Mobile conference on September 21st we received a tremendous amount of interest and a great deal of press coverage from Billboard, to CNET TV, to MSNBC, to MediaPost, AdWeek, AdAge and more.

We know you can’t wait to get access to Myxer Social Radio and start listening to your favorite music together with your Facebook friends in real-time.  Stay tuned, as you’ll be able to do so very soon.  Until then, you can get an inside look at what’s coming, directly from Myxer founder and CEO Myk Willis.

Here’s a video of Myk’s presentation recorded at the Digiday Mobile conference, where he first introduced the world to Myxer Social Radio:

You can be one of the first to know when Myxer Social Radio is available for download by entering your email address at

Myxer Social Radio is deeply integrated with Facebook and it has been created from the ground up to give you an amazing music experience with your real friends on Facebook.  With that in mind, here’s an exclusive Facebook  ringtone for you.  Enjoy!

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Myxer Joins The Protege Movement. You Can Too!

Athletic Shoes Sneakers make you move, and retailer Kmart has turned their line of Protege Footwear and Apparel into a full blown movement, and one that is more about community than the court.  For 2011 Kmart has teamed up with leading community-based charity and youth mentoring organizations – the Amateur Athletic Union of America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekends, the Deion Branch Foundation, and the Roger Mason, Jr. Foundation – to support athletic and general youth development programs as part of Protege’s giveback efforts to the community.  As part of their support, between 6/1/2011 and 12/31/2011 for every pair of Protege shoes purchased Kmart will donate $1 to AAU and Boys & Girls Club of America.  Details are at

You don’t have to buy Protege products to take the Protege Pledge and give back in your own way.  It’s a pledge we can all take to heart:


I am relentless.

Making every time, every chance count. Ready to leave it all and pick it all back up. Always driving, always pushing forward. I will take that charge and stand tall, with integrity and respect.

My greatness comes from making those around me even greater. Because the best way to leave an impression is to make a positive impact on the world around me.

Myxer is proud that once again Kmart has come to us to help them promote the Protege Movement by leveraging our mobile reach.  We put together a kicking mobile landing page for Protege worthy of their awesome kicks.  At on your phone you can download some hand-picked free ringtones guaranteed to get you moving and go directly to the Protege mobile Facebook page to take the pledge and join the Protege Movement.

To help inspire you to move, here is one of the free ringtones you’ll find at our mobile Protege page.  Enjoy!

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It’s Friday! Katy Perry, Rebecca Black and MTV

It’s Friday, Friday so we-we-we- are going to talk about music videos. This week music video fans celebrated the 30th Birthday of MTV. As you might have forgotten, MTV actually stands for “Music Television” and when they launched the channel back in 1981 it was all about music videos. Great music videos. The only way someone like Snooki would have appeared on MTV “back in the day” would have been on the hood of a car in a WhiteSnake video. But I digress…

The popularity of MTV sparked a golden age of music videos which arguably continues to this day. Now we get our fix of music videos at websites (including Myxer) and we go to MTV for more sophisticated programming like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. Sure, the “M” may be long gone from MTV, but the style of fun, creative, storytelling music videos that MTV helped propagate is happily alive and well. Take Katy Perry… (which is what Russel Brand did…) Katy Perry is fast becoming the queen of fun music videos and her popular “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” is a comic classic reminiscent of some of the MTV greats. Celebrity cameos have long been a popular feature of hit videos, and Last Friday Night is not shy about packing the party with appearances by Rebecca Black, Glee’s Darren Criss and Kevin McHale, Hanson, Deborah Gibson and Corey Feldman, and it even practices safe Sax with Kenny G. See if you can spot them all!


For those of you who may not be music video or Katy Perry fans, far be it from us to leave you feeling left out. In addition to MTV’s birthday, this week is also SHARK WEEK! If jaws and teeth are more your thing, here’s an awesome animated Shark screensaver, guaranteed not to bite! Enjoy.

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