Can we be Frank?

And we do mean, “Frank,” as in Frank Caliendo! For those of you that don’t know, and unless you’ve been living under a very large rock –you’ve got no excuse, Mr.Caliendo is one of the funniest comedians and impressionists around! One of the hardest working men in showbiz, Frank is not only the star of his own uproarious comedy show on TBS, ‘Frank TV’, he’s also part of the esteemed crew on the FOX NFL pregame show, and yet he still manages to have crowds rolling in the aisles when he takes his standup on the road! Just in time for the Thanksgiving Day football games, Frank delivers the ham (pun intended!) with his hilarious John Madden impressions! Check those and all the other side-splitting ringtones from Frank Caliendo, right here.

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Gettin’ Our Groove On…

You know what’s really, really exciting? Well kiddies, we’ll tell ya what’s exciting! Myxer has partnered with INgrooves, a leading provider of digital distribution, marketing and promotion services to the independent music community, to offer all you serious music lovers out there some truly amazing new artists and tunes to create ringtones from! INgrooves will be using our technology to offer you, the Myxer faithful, some top-notch tracks– and what’s even cooler, with many of these tunes you’ll be able to “cut your own” section of a song before you download it and send it to your phone! How awesome is that? Don’t let any of the other guys tell you what the best part of the song is, you decide! Keep your eyes peeled for songs from some of the following: Thievery Corporation, Too $hort, Tila Tequila and many, many more…

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Election Day

As you are all no doubt aware, Tuesday is Election Day in these United States. While we normally try to stick to writing about music and other entertainment here at Myxer, we felt an obligation to take this opportunity to urge all eligible Americans to do whatever it takes to cast their ballot for President.

Make no mistake, this presidential election presents our nation with two very different choices. While clearly each candidate truly wants to do what is best for the country, it can’t be denied that they offer two completely different visions of Who We Want to Be. Being an American brings with it many rights, but it also brings with it the fundamental responsibility to participate in the election of our officials. It’s only in doing so that we can feel that we have had a hand in shaping Who We Are.

So, if you have to take time off from work to vote, take time off.

If you have to ask a friend for a ride to your polling place, ask them.

If you have to wait in a long line to cast your ballot, wait in line.

If you think your candidate is going to win even without your vote, or if you think they can’t win whether or not you cast your vote, don’t believe it for a second. Take it from a company located in South Florida, epicenter of the ballot-by-ballot recounting process that took place after the 2000 election. The accuracy purported by all of those pre-election polls can be misleading: the fact is that it’s not decided until the People enter that booth and make that choice.

Oh, yeah, and before you head out the polling station, be sure you’ve downloaded a ringtone of your candidate from Myxer to taunt the opposition party people while you’re in line!

Myk @ Myxer

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Myxer unlocks ringtones from all your MP3s

So we’re sure you’ve already downloaded tons of ringtones from Myxer, but did you know that in a matter of minutes Myxer can turn the music you have on your computer into ringtones? And to top it off, it’s easy. All you need to do is click on the MAKE tab, CHOOSE the song you want to convert into a ringtone, CUSTOMIZE it to the part of the song you like, and SEND it to your phone. You can make hundreds of different ringtones from just one song. Why settle for a set ringtone from other sites when you can customize your own at Myxer? Get started today. You’ll never run out of ringtones.

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“Nametones” section debuts at!

Make your mobile phone truly yours with this ultra-personalized ring bling!

With Myxer’s Nametones, your phone can announce your name when it rings (Aaron, Your Phone Is Ringing), or when a specific friend or family member is buzzing (Your Moms Calling). Set to Hip-Hop, R&B and Country tunes, there’s literally a ringtone with your name on it at Myxer.

Find hundreds of Nametones in its brand-new section at There’s even spiffy search feature right there on the section’s main page!

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