How To Invite and Listen With Your Friends In Myxer Social Radio

There is a reason we call our new, FREE Internet Radio service Myxer Social Radio.  It is our belief that the experience of enjoying music is better if you are not alone, and much better if you are with one or more of your friends.  With our “Listen Together” feature we make it incredibly easy for you to enter a virtual room with your Facebook friends and listen to the same music at the same time.  Join a room that they created, or invite them to listen along in your room.  Either way, you can be miles apart and still feel connected and engaged with the music and each other as the timeline shares icons and updates from everyone in the room in real-time.  You can even CHAT in real-time with everyone in the room.

To help ensure that everyone who uses Myxer Social Radio benefits from the experience of using the app or website with their actual friends we are leveraging Facebook.  In order to launch the Myxer Social Radio app you are required to login by linking with your Facebook account.  This way, as soon as you open Myxer Social Radio you can see your friends and what they are listening to right now.  As you will quickly see when you start using Myxer Social Radio yourself, this is fun!  There is something inherently pleasing about knowing you are not alone and that while you are listening to Bob Marley wail in your “Jamaican Me Crazy” room, some of your friends are “there” listening too.

After spotting a familiar Facebook friend on the FRIENDS screen, tap or click their profile picture to go to their profile page.

From your friend’s profile page you can select “INVITE TO LISTEN” if you want them to join you in the room you are listening in.  Select “LISTEN TOGETHER” if you want to join your friend in the room they are in.

If your friends are not yet using Myxer Social Radio you can select “INVITE FRIENDS” on the web or “INVITE FACEBOOK FRIENDS” on the FRIENDS tab in the Android or iPhone app to send an invite to any of your friend’s Facebook wall.  It’s as easy as that!

Here’s a short video highlighting how to invite and listen with your friends in Myxer Social Radio:


Now that you know how easy it is to INVITE FRIENDS to join you and to LISTEN TOGETHER WITH YOUR FRIENDS in Myxer Social Radio, we hope to listen with you soon!

And while we are talking about you and your friends, here is a FREE “I Love My Friends” screensaver for your phone. Enjoy!

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How To Create A Listening Room in Myxer Social Radio

There’s always a room for great music on Myxer Social Radio!  It is simple to create your own rooms from your iOS or Android device, or right from the web at  You can “seed” your room with up to 5 different artists, and give it your own cool name.  For example, I created a room called  ”All Billy” and seeded it with Billy Joel, Billy Idol and Billie Holiday (yes, I have strange musical tastes – but I do get a cool mix of music in that room!)

To create a room yourself, just go to the ROOMS tab in your browser (MY ROOMS on your mobile) and select CREATE NEW ROOM.

Add an artist (or up to five), name your room and you’re all set.



Now you can start listening and invite your friends to listen with you.  Once you are in a room you can even CHAT with everyone in the room.  Here’s a short video highlighting how to create a room:

Now you know how easy it is to create a room in Myxer Social Radio.  We look forward to listening with YOU!

Speaking of listening to great music, here’s a “Happy Listening” free wallpaper image for your phone.  Enjoy!

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Tour Some of the Features of Myxer Social Radio

Now that you are enjoying Myxer Social Radio on your iPhones, Androids and PC‘s, here’s a quick tutorial on some of Myxer Social Radio’s coolest features, including creating a room, listening together with friends, real-time chat, and video Song Stories. Check it out to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Myxer Social Radio experience.

If you haven’t tried Myxer Social Radio yet, drop everything and go to It’s FREE!


If taking this little tour of Myxer Social Radio has left you in the mood to take a bigger tour, here’s a free “Tour Bus” wallpaper image for your phone… Enjoy!

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It’s Official: Myxer Social Radio Now on iOS, Android and the Web!

Yes, we’ve been talking a lot about Myxer Social Radio, but that’s because we’ve been working hard on it, and because we are very proud of being able to bring you the first truly social FREE streaming music service where you can listen together with your Facebook friends in real-time.  Today it’s official, and Myxer Social Radio is available now for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as your Android phone and of course your web browser.

- Brenna Ehrlich, MTV/OMusic Awards

The media has embraced Myxer Social Radio, and we hope that you will too!  Myxer Social Radio brings friends together through music as you listen together in rooms you create or rooms created by your friends. Rooms are created through access to over 12 Million songs. While you have the flexibility of sharing your activity on Facebook on the ticker and wall, with Myxer Social Radio we bring your Facebook community into the app to create a truly engaging group-listening experience and in real-time sync across multiple mobile device platforms and the desktop web, all for free.

But don’t take our word for it.  Download the app or login on the web now.  Invite your friends and most of all, have fun listing to great music together!


And thanks to Myxer Social Radio, you can be forever together with your friend when you listen to music.  Here’s a free wallpaper for your phone to remind you…  Enjoy!

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Welcome To Myxer Social Radio

As a visitor to The Official Myxer Blog you get a first look at our brand new FREE Internet Radio service, Myxer Social Radio.  You can start listening now in your web browser by visiting  I could tell you all about the cool features of Myxer Social Radio, like listening to great music in group rooms with your Facebook friends…and chatting with them in real-time while you are listening… or tagging songs with your own video Song Stories to share what a song means to you… I could tell you all about it, but I won’t.  Since a picture is worth at least a thousand words, I’ll let this short video fill you in instead…

Visit now to check out Myxer Social Radio on your laptop or PC and stay tuned for the Myxer Social Radio iPhone and Android apps coming soon.

Thanks to Myxer  Social Radio, you’ll never need to listen to your “old school” broadcast radio again… but if you want to remember what a radio used to look like, here’s a free “Radio” wallpaper image for you.  Enjoy.

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