Funny Red Sox ringtones and more

Sometimes I get the feeling that South Florida (which is where Myxer is based) was actually a suburb of New York.  Lately, though, the Bostonions seem to be outnumbering Yankees around here.

Case in point: a whole new batch of original Red Sox ringtones popping up on Myxer.  Check out this batch featuring A-Rod, Manny, Jeter, and Ortiz…

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Not a Red Sox fan? Make your own original stuff and let us know about it!

Peace, Myk

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MidPoint Music Festival, Dewey Beach, Atlantis, & More!


The MidPoint Music Festival is winding up tonight in Cincinnati, and it’s great to report that there are tons of MyxerIndies all over the town! Myxer was the official ringtone provider for the festival, which explains why there are so many great free ringtones being given out — check out MidPoint’s Bands page to see the list of bands and get links to their stuff.

Several of us from Myxer have headed up there to hang out with our bands and rock out in the Midwest. Come to think of it, between the lingering “aftershocks” from Atlantis last week, and the draw of Dewey Beach which is also going on right now, the Myxer offices are just about vacant right now. Marsha? George? Steve? Where are you guys? I hope you remembered to wear underwear with your name and hotel address on it so that you can be returned by whoever finds you at the end of the night…

Speaking of Atlantis: I was in Atlanta for the party and had a great time. I met a lot of cool people, and really enjoyed the event and the city. Did I meet you there?

If you see us at any of these events, please stop by and say hi! We don’t get out of our cages very much, so we love to meet up with everybody at the shows. And if you’re going to a show or conference you think we ought to check out, by all means shout it out!


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