Ultra Records & Riz Using Myxer QR Codes!

Read about and download a QR Code reader and scan the code above at 0:05 to download the ringtone!

Storied independent electronic music label, Ultra Records, recently used one of our QR codes for a monstrously catchy single by their artist, Riz. We were “pinged” by our label contact, who pointed us to the video on YouTube, and— lo and behold— there it was!

Riz was recently invited to play BlackBerry’s ‘DevCon 10′ so clearly, he was chosen due to his uber-pingability! Check out the “PING!!! Me Baby” ringtone, and think of all the new and exciting ways to promote with a simple QR code. From online to print, to video— QR codes are where it’s at!

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Have A Phone-tastic Halloween!

It’s a boo-tiful day in the neighborhood! All the ghouls and boys at Myxer headquarters have joined farces for some pre-Halloween fun. While working on the beach tends to make every day officewear feel like casual Friday, today is more of a Freaky Friday as we were challenged to dress our Halloween best for the first annual MYXERween costume luncheon. As we sunk our fangs into some delicious pizza and werewolfed it down, bloody slice by bloody slice, we admired some some of the Myxer team’s creativity. From Bloody Ballerina’s to Bling Bearing Baldness to Infomerial Madness to Mad Rock Stars to BioHazards to a Living Myxer.com Website (and of course the requisite guy in a gorilla suit) we had costume clad employees to suit anyone’s Trick or Treat tastes.

You can help us pick this year’s King or Queen of Halloween by VOTING HERE.

Of course there is still plenty of time to treat yourself by tricking out your phone with some screaming scary stuff to horror-fy your handset. We have monstrous MP3′s, terrifying tones, wicked wallpapers, vicious videos and enough Halloween fun to scare your smartphone silly.

You can start ringing in your Halloween with this chilling Holla-ween beat. Consider it your MYXERween Treat from the Myxer Team!

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Mobile Content Spotlight: Shorty Rossi & Shortywood

Shorty Rossi & Hercules Myxin' it up in L.A. with Blake

A few months back I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one “true gem” of a guy, Shorty Rossi of Animal Planet T.V. fame. I approached Mr. Rossi with hopes we could disseminate the “Shorty’s Rescue” message far and wide— via the spirit of mobile.

I’d been watching his show, ‘Pit Boss’, during its first season, thoroughly enjoyed it, and felt strongly that we at Myxer could assist in getting Shorty’s content to his legions of fans holding fast to their mobile devices.

Shorty and his staff are nothing short of amazing, and to say they’re “committed” to their cause would be doing them a disservice, indeed— Shorty Rossi and his crew walk the proverbial walk right alongside their four-legged, Pit bull friends.

And though they’re extraordinarily busy filming, amongst a literal slew of other initiatives, Shorty took the time out to shoot some exclusive photos and videos for Myxer.

To that end, we cordially invite you to check out the content, and if you’re a fan— we kindly ask that you head on over to Shortywood, take a look at all the amazing stuff, learn about the Pit Bull breed— and do your part to help Shorty’s Charities!

To check out everything Shorty, be sure to text “SHORTYWOOD” to 69937. Here’s a great wallpaper to get your tail waggin’!

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Myxer HQ: Waffle Wednesday (Shot & Edited With iPhone 4)

Every once in a while, we like to give you an insider’s glimpse into the day-to-day goin’s-on here at Myxer HQ. And what better day to do it than on a day that we covet, one of the tastiest days of the year— “Waffle Wednesday!” Waffle Wednesday would not be possible without resident culinarian extraordinaire, Stacy, our fearless den mother with whom we couldn’t eat live without. Thanks, Stacy!

Check out the clever little ditty above, put together by none other than the venerable Droze, shot and edited entirely on his iPhone 4. Hope you enjoy!

What’s your favorite waffle topping? If you’ve got a delectable recipe— feel free to drop us a comment!

And, if you love waffles, perhaps your phone loves waffles too. Feed it the wallpaper below!

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The Myxer “Re:Myx” Project

At Myxer, we love giving back to our community whenever a good opportunity presents itself.

Recently, we launched Re:myx, a platform from which we could bestow some truly unique gifts to some of our unofficial, unsuspecting Myxer brand advocates— a.k.a some of our biggest fans!

As we’ve defined it, a “Re:myx” in Myxerland is basically this:

“A mega-awesome, totally custom, one-of-a-kind ringtone for some of Myxer’s biggest fans. Shout us out on Facebook or Twitter and your Re:Myx could be next!”

So, via our Twitter and Facebook pages, we’ve been keeping our peepers peeled for those who’ve either shouted us out in a spirited manner— told us they couldn’t live without us— or professed their “undying love,” or errr… maybe just their fond appreciation for Myxer.

So, here’s the basic gist…

You shout us out. If your post or tweet is selected as one of the lucky few, we then cruise to your FB or Twitter page to get a sense of your public persona. After a careful perusal, we take all of the knowledge kernels we can glean, then put them into a super-efficient, data compooterizer!

Once it generates a proper TPS Report, we then give it to some magic elves, who promptly run off and deliver your Re:myx stats and facts to a top-secret recording studio, high above a glacier field near the summit of one of Oregon’s tallest peaks. The custom ringtone is henceforth created by an army of tiny robots and beamed back to us, whole, through the trusty intertubes.

That is the manner in which a Re:Myx happens, kid you not! Well, maybe we kid…

No, really, a mere few weeks into the project, twenty plus Re:Myx ringtones under our collective belt, and we really couldn’t be any happier to be doling them out to our super-enthusiastic fanbase. And judging by some of the responses and requests that have been rolling in, it certainly does seem the feeling is mutual!

Our community, nearly 40 million-strong, is our lifeblood— the reason we come in everyday and constantly strive to innovate and give you guys the absolute best place on earth to get everything you could ever need or want for your phones and mobile devices!

We love all our fans and we’ll continue to keep sorting you guys and girls out with custom content you won’t be able to get anywhere else, and we do mean anywhere.

So, now that you know the drill, tell all your friends, keep sendin’ us those shout-outs and we’ll keep givin’ back, one custom Re:myx at a time!

Now, c’mon, chop-chop— head on over to our Facebook or Twitter, get busy with the comments, and perhaps your Re:myx could be next!

Check out our latest Re:myx below:

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