Effective Ringtones

Ever wished your phone sounded like a Cruise ship horn? Maybe you’ve fancied that when your phone rang it sounded like a donkey crying. Or, perhaps, when all was quiet in a crowded movie theatre, instead of turning your phone off like they asked you,  your ring was set to sound like crickets chirping… Well, we want you to know that we’ve got one of the largest collections of mobile sound effects anywhere– and you can use them as ringtones, text alerts or alarm clock ringers! How nifty is that? Grab as many as you like, and tell everyone to peep ‘em, right here!

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Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

You do know Valentine’s Day is about a week away, right? Well, we just thought we’d give you a friendly heads up! Bouquets, perfumes and expensive chocolates are certainly awesome! However, when it comes to the Valentine’s gifts that make a huge impression without the huge dent in the wallet, you know where to go! We’ve got an awesome assortment of Valentine’s Day ringtones and wallpapers for you, your family and friends or, perhaps that special someone in your life! Don’t let Cupid catch you sleepin’, get to steppin’ and start the peepin’!

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Introducing: Reminder Wallpapers!

Don’t you just hate it when you know you’ve got something to remember and you don’t write it down, then you forget altogether? What a coincidence– we hate that too! So, to that end we thought of a way we wouldn’t forget! Think of this as a mobile string tied around your finger, except this won’t cut off your circulation, and or lead to gang green! Got a test tomorrow? Battery on your tootbrush go kaput? Need to feed Fido or Frisky? Whatever it is you need to do, we’ve got the reminder wallpaper for you! Check ‘em all out right here!

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Barack N’ Roll!

Tomorrow will be looked back upon as one of the most important days in our great nation’s political history– so, don’t get caught out there without some Barack flair for your phone, yo!

Don’t worry, don’t fret– as always, we’ve sorted you out with some amazing ringtones and wallpapers, so that you can represent properly on this truly historic day. Head on over to check out all the super-duper-awesome President Obama ringtones & wallpapers and share ‘em liberally (no pun intended!) with all your friends and family.

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Congratulations to the National Chomp’ians!

Myxer would like to congratulate Tim Tebow, the fantastic Gator Football team and all of ‘Gator Nation’ on their National Championship! It was a hard-fought nailbiter for a good three quarters, but ultimately the talented Sooners squad succumbed to a resiliant, speedy Florida team. Even though the game’s over, it’s not too late to have your phone sportin’ school colors and a portable reminder of who rules Division 1 football! Check all the awesome wallpapers and screensavers right here!

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