5 Ways Your Mobile Phone Can Make You A Better Lover

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, surely love is in the air and we are all getting in touch with our inner cupid.  While we may not be wandering around equipped with a sling full of heart tipped arrows, we do have another tool in hand that can be used to spread the love – our mobile phones! You may already think your smartphone is smart, but did you know it can work wonders on your relationship with that significant other?

Here are 5 Ways Your Mobile Phone Can Make You A Better Lover:

5. Text Sweet Nothings in His/Her Ear – Text messages are a great way to let your love know you are thinking of them, anytime, and by definition, an SMS message has to be short and sweet.  There are few easier ways to bring a smile to that someone special’s face than to send them an unexpected “I <3 U!” or “U R Beautiful” or a simple “Thinking of you… right now…

4. Send A  Wallpaper or Ringtone – We love to personalize our phones with images and sounds that mean something special to us, so why not share the love by sending your sweetheart a Romantic Ringtone or Whimsical Wallpaper that will make them think of you every time they look at their phone or get a call or message.  Myxer makes it easy to find just the right mobile content and use “Send to Friend” to share it with the one(s) you love.

3. Use “Vibrate” For A Neck Massage – We all enjoy a good neck massage from our partner.  Next time you are offering up a bit of manual stress relief, surprise them with some added good vibrations from your phone.

2. Send A Video Or Image Of Yourself – Sometimes we forget that we are almost always walking around with a camera and camcorder in our pockets.  It takes just a moment to snap a picture or record a video message and send it to the object of your affection.  Be creative.  Hold up a piece of paper with a handwritten sign saying “I Love You.”  Sing a few bars of his/her favorite song in a video.  Send a picture of flowers, or a place you pass that means something special to you both.  (FRIENDLY WARNING: Don’t abuse the ease of sending images and video by sharing something inappropriate or that you will likely one day regret…)

1. And, of course, the number one way your mobile phone can make you a better lover…. TURN IT OFF when you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse and make them, not your phone, the object of both your attention and your affection!

Do you have more tips on how you use your phone for romance?  Please share them in the comments!  And with or without your phone, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

And you can start using your phone to be a better lover by sending this to someone special:

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Sing Your Heart Out On Valentine’s Day!

We’d like to think that Love is always in the air here at Myxer, but things get especially mushy each February around Valentine’s Day.  This year we have partnered with our good friends at Sonicbids and the International Song Writing Competition (ISC) to bring you an awesome assortment of Romantic Ringtones to help you answer those Kissin’ Calls and share some Sweet Serenades with your significant other(s).

Share The Love

The ISC’s “Sing Your Heart Out” Valentine’s Day channel on Myxer features 400 songs from emerging Sonicbids artists who submitted to the International Songwriting Competition, and Myxer has created a special Valentine’s Day Channel featuring the most popular of these love songs as free ringtones.  What are you waiting for?  Now you can turn your mobile phone into a “love” phone, and make Valentine’s Day even more special every time you get a call or text alert.  Even better, pick the perfect love song and click “send to friend” to treat that special someone with a heartfelt tone, just from you.

Get your Valentine’s Day started with this romantic ringtone, “I Just Want To Love.”  And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Celebrating 25 Years of MLK, Jr. Day

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, U.S. News & World Report Magazine Collection

In honor of the memory of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., Myxer celebrates his indelible legacy of non-violence, equality, and hope.

As a country, we should do our best to never forget the sacrifices made by so many during America’s civil rights movement, as well as remind ourselves of the progress we’ve made in the many years since the honorable Reverend’s teachings.

Download the commemorative MLK wallpaper, below, and take it with you as a poignant reminder on this special day— and let us revel in the spirit of one our nation’s greatest proponents of racial harmony.

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Myxer Milestone: Two Hundred Thousand Facebook Likes!

Wow, what a couple weeks it’s been around HQ… First we hit a truly mind-boggling number, eclipsing the 2 billion all-time download mark on Myxer, and this past week we similarly surpassed the two hundred thousand “Likes” plateau on our Facebook fan page!

We treasure the direct connection and interaction with our fans, and we’re grateful for the denizens of Myxer users who’ve gone out of their way to find us on Facebook and nurture the community…

And to all the Myxer users out there that have not “liked” us as of yet, our Facebook page is a phenomenal destination to get the drop on brand new content and promotions, as well as get answers to all the burning Myxer-related questions you may have. The community is always at attention and eager to help out those in need!

Additionally, we’ve made it easier than ever to “like” your favorite content on Myxer and share it with all your friends and family. Found a hilarious ringtone you don’t think your friends can live without? No problem. Simply click the ‘Like’ button just below the piece of content on Myxer— and share it instantly with all your peeps!

So, once again, a sincere “thanks” to all! We look forward to seeing you and connecting on Facebook. Here’s to the next hundred thousand!

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Google Zeitgeist 2010: Myxer Makes The Top Ten!

It’s that time of the year, when the calendar winds down toward December 31 and everyone that counts starts compiling their 2010 lists…the year’s best…the year’s worst…and on and on. In the webosphere one of the cooler annual wrap-ups is Google’s Zeitgeist Report, in which the world’s biggest search engine shines it’s light on the “spirit of the times” by looking at the most popular search queries of the year gone by. One of the top “Top 10″ lists gathered by Google Zeitgeist is the “Top 10 Fastest-Rising Queries of 2010” and the entire Myxer Team got a rise out of seeing Myxer in this year’s Top 10 list, along with some impressive company (and companies). At number 6 we topped our two favorite social networks, Facebook and Twitter, and even came out ahead of one of our most popular artist partners, Katy Perry. We are thrilled that so many people have been searching for Myxer, but come on, folks, we’re right here and here. ;-)

Here is the Google Zeitgeist 2010 list of the 10 Fastest-rising Queries:

1. Chatroullette

2. iPad

3. Justin Bieber

4. Nicki Minaj

5. Friv

6. Myxer

7. Katy Perry

8. Twitter

9. Gamezer

10. Facebook

As 2010 winds down and more “best of” and “top ten” lists emerge, it may be time for you to think about preparing your phone for the New Year. To help you rise to the occasion, here is a brand new Happy New Year 2011 wallpaper image. Enjoy!

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