Teaching Mom To Fish

We truly appreciate all the great Myxer fans we have on Facebook and Twitter and it is always great to hear your stories about using Myxer and about your favorite mobile content.  We see a lot of tweets and wall posts that make us smile, and we thought we would share this one from @JaKayKayy:

Now, like all Myxer fans, @JaKayKayy is extremely smart and savvy, so she clearly understood the value  and importance of the old adage,

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…

With that in mind, we were pleased to see that she took the old proverb to heart and followed up her first tweet with this one:

Now “mama” knows how to fish for ringtones in the sea of Myxer!  We’re happy to welcome her to the Myxer family.


Speaking of fishing, here is a free ringtone of the sounds of Mackerel Fishing.  Cast away!

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Myxer Is On The Right Trek

American actor George Takei at the Star Trek C...

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At Myxer we like to think that we, too, “boldly go where no man has gone before…”  Instead of the outer limits of the universe, we have been dedicated to fully exploring the world of mobile entertainment… but I digress.  The “Star Trek” reference above may peg me as a fan, but I am fairly certain I am not the lone Trekkie among Myxer’s millions of users.  In fact, did you know that Lt. Sulu was a Myxer user?

Beam Me Up!

That’s right. Legendary Star Trek actor George Takei has been actively promoting his “Ohhh Myyy!” Ringtone on Myxer through his twitter account and elsewhere. There have been several thousand tweets and retweets of @GeorgeTakei pointing his fans to Myxer for the ringtone of his signature dialogue line. Our Myxer Widget has even appeared on the pages of popular entertainment website Salon.com. Using Myxer for good, Lt. Sulu – er, Mr. Takei, is selling his ringtone and donating the proceeds to benefit The Old Globe Theater in San Diego. Ohhh Myyy!

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For those of you who are not inclined to shell out a buck fifty to contribute to Mr. Takei’s cause, here is a free “Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu” screensaver from our friends at KoolrPix. Enjoy!

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“Checking In”: Location-Based Social Networks

With all the hoopla surrounding location-based social networks, this month’s edition of The BoomBox Report focuses in on patronage of these networks and, as per usual, the results are pretty darned interestin’.

Read on…

“Over the last two months Myxer has been surveying our users to determine their level of engagement with location-based social networks, one of the hottest topics in the mobile and tech sectors right now. We surveyed over 1,500 respondents who were downloading content onto their mobile phones and asked them questions to determine what percentage used location-based services, how often they “checked in,” the number of friends within their network(s), and if they did not use Location Based Social Networks, why?

A surprisingly low (11%) of users said that they use location based social networks, with MyTown representing the largest percentage, garnering 56% of users. This number trumps some of the more well know location based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla.

For those who didn’t use the services, only a small segment (14%) claimed privacy as the reason, while 56% claimed lack of interest, and nearly a quarter (23%) reported that their phone didn’t have the capability.”

You can find the complete survey results here

We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to submit any comments or feedback to boombox@myxer.com

Oh, and speaking of checkin’ in– check this one out!

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SXSW 2011: Pick a Peck o’ Panels

In 2011, Myxer will once again make the annual pilgrimage to Austin for SXSW, and of course we can’t wait. Being that SXSW is a “community-driven” event, and we are steadfast supporters of the music community at large, we felt inclined to throw our hat into the proverbial ring and offer our mobile insight to the amazing array of panel submissions for 2011. “South By” has always been a great way for Myxer to connect with the artists and bands that have been the backbone of the music part of our mobile content service.

In recent years the Interactive part of the show has exploded, adding even more value (and fun) to the annual Texas pilgrimage. The content at SXSW for panels and presentations is selected through a voting process that then influences the organizers. Last year our venerable Jeff Sass had the chance to speak at SXSW as part of Jeff Pulver’s 140Conf SXSW. This year Myxer is represented by four possible presentations in the Panel Picker, two in Music and two in Interactive, two by Jeff Sass and two by our fearless leader, Myk Willis.

If you are so inclined, please visit the SXSW PanelPicker and vote for one or all of the Myxer panels, especially if the topics are of interest to you. Voting is open until Midnight on Friday, August 27th. Below are brief descriptions of the four panels. Thanks for voting for us, and we’ll see you in Austin!

And Here Are Myxer’s SXSW 2011 Panel Submissions:




Major brands are learning to leverage the power of branded mobile content as a way to extend their relationship with their customers beyond the campaign and into their pockets. Take a look at the impact of branded mobile content as a way to express brand affinity, extend and sustain awareness and start conversations. See examples of brands who effectively ring in awareness and attention with catchy and clever “Brandtones” and learn how you too can dial up great results through branded mobile content delivery.



Every year for the past 10 years has been dubbed “the year of mobile.” The truth is, just as our phones have become an integrated part of our daily lives (too much so in many cases) “mobile” should be an integrated part of every marketers’ strategy, and not set aside as something special. Learn the truth behind mobile myths and how to make mobile work with Social, Online, and all your interactive initiatives.




You may have heard industry pundits claim “the ringtone is dead” but what they are really talking about is the decline in on-deck sales of $2.99 master tones of hit songs. With several major labels, artists and music publishers cashing in on ringtones, and using them as promotional tools for integrated marketing campaigns, there is proof that in fact the ringtone business is thriving. As more and more mobile phone owners embrace and consume a wide range of entertainment and personalization content, you need to seize the opportunity to get in front of them. Learn how artists from unknowns to Snoop Dogg make mobile work for them and use the ‘staying’ power of ringtones to keep their fans engaged, entertained, and coming back for more.



There will soon be more people accessing the Internet from their Mobile Phones than their PC’s. With the mobile web dominating the attention of your fans, why limit their access to you and your music to platform specific apps. Learn how you can use the Mobile Web to reach ALL your fans and go from their pockets to their pocketbooks.

Thanks again, and check out a great ringtone from our Akon/SXSW collaboration!

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Ringtones So Easy A Caveman Could Do it…

I first met the GEICO Caveman at a party at SXSW in 2008.  I was immediately struck by his charm and good looks, as were many others at the party including Robert Scoble and Mashable’s Pete Cashmore (see the picture I took below).  Since that chance meeting with the Caveman, I have been very impressed by GEICO’s ability to manage three very distinct, equally entertaining and effective branding campaigns at the same time.  In addition to the readily recognizable Neanderthal, GEICO’s plucky Gecko and wide-eyed wad of MONEY are also fun, friendly and powerful bits of branding for the Insurance giant.

GEICO Gets It…

Clearly the GEICO team gets the value of entertaining marketing and has wisely leveraged all types of media from traditional TV ads toYouTubeFlickrFacebookTwitter and Mobile to share and spread the fun, never losing sight of the underlying message that GEICO can save you money on your insurance.  They have leveraged new media platforms for both entertainment and practical services as well.  For example the GEICO Glovebox iPhone app lets you do everything from manage your account to learn how to change a tire, to find a taxi or roadside service.  Smart marketing all around.

Ringa Da Ding Ding Dingy Dong…

You have probably seen the GEICO “ringtone” commercials (see below).  Since I work at Myxer I was thrilled to see such a clever use of ringtones in a national TV ad, and at the same time I wished we could have all of GEICO’s great mobile content available to the Myxer community.  Well, sometimes you get what you ask for, and I am very pleased to say that we have partnered with GEICO to offer some awesome (and free) ringtones and wallpapers for your phone.  You can guess which one I have already set as my default ringtone… it’sBOSS!

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This post originally appeared on my personal blog, Sassholes.

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