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South By Southwest – more commonly known in print as SXSW –  is when the worlds of Interactive, Film and Music converge in Austin, Texas for ten days of non-stop listening, learning, networking, wheeling and dealing, promoting, marketing, eating and drinking.  At the core of the content at SXSW are the sessions and panels covering a wide range of topics in each of the SXSW segments: Interactive, Film and Music.  Getting the opportunity to speak at SXSW is a hot ticket, and the organizers use a community based “PanelPicker” to help decide which speaking proposals get accepted.  Anyone, including you, can vote for the panels they want to see, and leave comments about the panel proposals.   These public votes account for 30% of the selection process.

This year Myxer has submitted four panel submissions (two each in Music and Interactive), two by our founder and CEO, Myk Willis, and two by myself.  I am also listed as a panelist on a panel by filmmaker Melissa Pierce.  If you are so inclined, we’d appreciate your comments and votes for our interactive and music panels. Yes, we are shamelessly pimping our panels.  Guilty as charged!  That said, there are a tremendous number of smart and talented people with SXSW speaking proposals in the PanelPicker, so we encourage you to poke around while you are there and vote for all the panels that you think would be of interest to anyone attending SXSW next March.

Here are descriptions and links to the Mxyer SXSW 2012 proposals:


The Perfect Menage A Trois: Mobile, Social, Music (Myk Willis)

It’s an exciting threesome! When Mobile, Social and Music hook up, it is the perfect storm of tech, media, behavior and interest. Mobile and music make good bedfellows and smartphone apps have already made a mark by shifting streaming music from the desktop to our pockets. Recent reports say 40% of social media interaction now occurs on mobile, so getting social in bed with mobile and music is a sure thing. Mobile music listening was very self-centered – grab your portable player, put on your headphones and zone out to the tune of your own private drummer. Now the threesome of music, mobile and social turns listening into a group opportunity, creating new forms of social radio where leveraging the unique capabilities of smartphones lets us listen to, share and experience music along with and influenced by our friends. This session promises to bring you up to speed on where we are with this Perfect Ménage A Trois and look at some of the technologies that are truly making it happen.

Mobile Marketing NOT 4 Dummies: Smartphone Smarts (Jeff Sass)

The dominance of so-called “feature phones” is dwindling fast as consumers flip off their flip phones and migrate like lemmings to the Android and iPhone dominated world of smartphones. According to Pew Internet over 40% of U.S. consumers ages 15 and older have an internet capable smartphone. The shift to smartphones has many implications for marketers and brands and their approach to all their digital marketing (not just “mobile” marketing.) This discussion will dive deep into practical ways for brands and marketers to leverage the connectedness and capabilities of smartphones for deep customer engagement, outbound and inbound. Mobile marketing on smartphones is about much more than display ads. It is about creating an engaging experience that today’s powerful smartphones are ideally suited to deliver. This discussion will look at why both apps and the mobile web are critically important and why marketing efforts should not be an “either or” choice.


Will Social Radio Kill The Internet Radio Star? (Myk Willis)

Internet Radio services like Pandora and Slacker have changed the way a digitally aware public discovers and consumes music, but is personalized listening enough? Does the connected consumer want their tunes with their tribe? Is group listening the golden goose or a goose egg? With social media usage at massive levels, it’s inevitable that the public’s craving to share and experience entertainment with their friends in real time will transform Internet Radio into a new medium – Social Radio. A key factor for success of this social evolution will be enabling listeners to enjoy music together – anytime, anywhere – and to shared opinions, experiences and emotions. If music is the universal language, then Internet Radio must evolve to bring listeners closer together in conversation. This session will explore the concept and benefits of group listening as it compares to personalized listening and will look at the ongoing social demands that will drive its adoption into the mainstream.

Is On Demand In Demand: Will People Pay To Play? (Jeff Sass)

There are many free choices when it comes to listening to streaming music from Internet Radio services like Pandora and Slacker, but if you want access to a library of songs to play when and where you want, in the order you want, invariably you have to pay to play – from purchasing MP3’s to monthly subscriptions. Is that what listeners really want? When you can get hyper-personalized music custom tailored to your tastes and mood, is it worth paying just to hear a particular song? What about the Internet weaned masses who believe that “music should be free?” This session will take a close look at streaming music listening preferences and behavior based on a survey conducted by Myxer BoomBox (http://boombox.myxer.com) specifically for this SXSW talk and the survey results will first be released at this session. With many consumers expecting free music the session will also explore how to develop a successful ad-supported model, where advertisers, listeners and artists can all thrive.

Thanks for your support!  And as an additional thanks, here’s a free ringtone that was actually created at a past SXSW.  Enjoy!

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BoomBox Report 2010 Year In Review: Invasion of the Androids!

The latest edition of Myxer’s BoomBox Report takes a look back at the trends of 2010 and comes away with with a clear winner: Google’s Android OS. As Myxer’s traffic from smartphone users continues to grow, the most dramatic increases were from Android devices. Last year Myxer published a map of the U.S. showing which states were dominated by the  iPhone versus those states dominated by Android phones based on Myxer’s database of registered users, and 2010 saw a clear shift of many states from the iPhone to the Android camp.  According to BoomBox,

“During 2010 Myxer saw visits from the Android OS grow from 12% in December 2009 to a massive 40% by December 2010. As to the State of Affairs for 2010, Android spread to dominance in 26 States by December 2010, knocking the iPhone down to just 17 States from 37 the year before. Apple wasn’t the only one to be pushed back by the Android invasion. In December 2010 Android surpassed BlackBerry as the leading smartphone in terms of visits to Myxer’s mobile site, with visits from Android devices growing an impressive 243% over the course of 2010, while visits from BlackBerry handsets declined by 23%.”

Android States versus iPhone States

Perhaps the most notable shift affecting the rapid growth of the Android OS was the sheer number of types of Android phones in the marketplace.  As BoomBox reports,

“With manufacturers large and small leaping onto the Android bandwagon, many with multiple flavors of Android handsets, we saw an army like influx of Android phones in the marketplace.  At the end of 2009, we counted only 10 Android handsets visiting Myxer.  By the end of 2010 the Android troops had grown to 101 different Android OS devices visiting Myxer, with 80 different Android devices downloading content from Myxer in December 2010 alone.”

Android Hanset Mix

You can read all the rest of the data from Myxer’s BoomBox Report 2010 Year In Review here.

What do you think?  Will Android eventually win the smartphone wars?  Have they won already?  Please share your thoughts in the comments!

And if all this talk about an “Android Invasion” has you thinking of an “Alien Invasion” here’s a wallpaper image ready to invade your Android (or other) phone:

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Mobile Content Spotlight: Gumby Comes To Myxer

Everybody’s favorite stop-motion, clay animation character, the lovable Gumby has come to Myxer! And, yes, before you inquire— he most certainly has brought his pal, Pokey along for the ride!

Gumby wallpapers are the perfect mobile accoutrement on the days you want to kick it old school, and take it back to when things were a bit more simple… Even though Gumby is up in your internets and mobile phones, his clay ways hearken back to the days of yesteryear.

Check all the Gumby & Pokey wallpapers here, we promise you’ll find plenty of bendable, shapeable goodness to take with you wherever you go!

Download this one below for starters. Pals forever, Gumby & Pokey

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Bands & Brands…

They go together like milk and cereal… ‘Cowboys and Aliens‘— “peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!” Yes, it’s a match made in advertising heaven, and one that places Myxer at such a unique and interesting crossroads in, this, our burgeoning mobile industry.

With over 100,000 independent artists, as well as strategic partnerships with major record labels EMI, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music, Myxer can bring a psychographically targeted twist to any campaign requiring a mobile solution. And with a virtual cornucopia of options, such as premium ringtone giveaways, custom artist/celebrity voicetones, mobile wallpapers, videos, MP3’s, custom vanity SMS Keywords and even dedicated QR Codes to include in other media— associating your brand with today’s hottest artists and musicians has never been easier.

Recently we saw great success in the pairing of artists Katy Perry & Jason Derulo with JCPenney, where we gave “Listen To Your Style” (a campaign targeting teenagers for JCP Teen) some pop music ”oomph!” By leveraging our partnerships with EMI and Warner Music Group, we were able to bring awesome high-profile content to the table in order to engage the target demographic.

Other successful ‘Bands and Brands’ campaign examples have included the pairing of Mos Def with the new Ford Fiesta, as well as placing indie stalwarts the Silversun Pickups in tandem with Best Buy.

So, if you’re looking to “get people listening,” just let us know… Which band is right for your brand?

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Happy Holidays From The Myxer Team!

Click here to watch the holiday video: http://youtu.be/Mx6jwV7Uzdk

We took some time out from being busy little elves—bringing you the best in FREE MP3’s, Ringtones, Wallpaper images, Videos, Apps and Games for your phone— in order to record a you a very special holiday message.

This one goes out to YOU, our 41 million users, advertisers, clients, and of course, our families and friends. A warm, safe, and ‘Happy Holidays’ from the Myxer Team!

And it wouldn’t be complete with a little holiday gift, now would it? Here’s a lil’ somethin’ to get your phone ready for the New Year. May your 2011 be bubbly and bright!

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