“Free Tunes” Tuesday: The Black Pacific

This week’s installment of F.T.T., a.k.a. “Free Tunes Tuesday,” finds us meeting up with former Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg to check out his brand spankin’ new band, The Black Pacific. From The Black Pacific’s site:

“When Pennywise vocalist Jim Lindberg left the band last year after 20 years, nine studio albums, almost four million records sold and countless sold-out tour dates, many people in the music world assumed that would be the last they’d hear from Lindberg for a while. They were wrong.

Almost immediately after leaving the band, Lindberg recruited drummer Alan Vega and longtime friend, L.A. musician Davey Latter on bass, and began to flush out a batch of songs that see Lindberg moving in a more sonically varied direction without abandoning any of the energy and aggression of his previous act.

The band then teamed up with Far guitarist and producer Shaun Lopez (Deftones, Giant Drag) and headed into his Airport Studios to begin working on their debut.

‘With this album there was definitely a sense that I had something to prove,’ he explains. ‘I really wanted to show people that I could create a great album on my own. This is the kind of music I’ve been playing my whole life, so why not embrace it?’”

Check out “The System” by The Black Pacific on Myxer. It’s free for a limited time only!

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Mobile Artist Spotlight: GLC

If you haven’t heard Chitown’s own GLC, and his addictive ringtone for the song “Clockin’ Lotsa Dollarz” (feat. Bun B & Sir Mix-A-Lot), you’re snoozing! And you know what they say happens when you “snooze!”

Sampling one of my favorites from the late 80′s, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s bonafide classic, “Posse On Broadway,” GLC not only pays homage, he’s got Seattle’s finest, Mix-A-Lot, on the track, as well as the legendary Bun B! How’s that for clout?

Dropping his new album, Life, Love, and Loyalty on Kanye’s GOOD imprint, GLC has also supplied Myxer with some exclusive voicetones for all his fans out there.

Check this one out, after the jump!

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You Don’t Need “An App For That”


2010 has been a breakout year for mobile advertising, and here at Myxer we have been very fortunate to be a big part of that. We’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of top brands, assisting them in the development of both effective, and fun, ad campaigns aimed at reaching their target audiences in a range of creative ways.

As we speak with advertisers on a regular basis, one of the things we discover is that they often feel the need to either build their own mobile application, or to buy advertising space within another mobile app, in order to offer users rich experiences on mobile. With all of the press and noise around the rise of apps and app stores, mostly fueled by the marketing machines of the various smart phone platform players, it’s understandable that apps may seem like the only route for advertisers and agencies that really want to succeed at engaging users in increasingly more imaginative and entertaining ways on all the latest touch-screen devices.

The reality is that there is often a much faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to execute great campaigns targeted at mobile users and brand loyalists, alike — and that’s by combining rich media creatives with the cross-platform reach of the mobile web. Many advertisers simply aren’t aware of all the possibilities inherent in rich media mobile advertising today. Features such as video, full-screen expandable and interactive units, social site integration, product browsing, game play, and even interfacing with native device services like maps and calendars can all be achieved from within rich media units that can run across a wide range of devices, within any browser that supports HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Companies like Crisp Wireless and Phluant Mobile, among others, are truly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within these units, and are able to deliver many of them across iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Palm devices. Additionally, we’re now beginning to see some of these capabilities reach into the world of feature phones, which are still owned by roughly 75% of mobile subscribers.

When you consider some of the most important criteria for advertisers today, there are four that are generally at or near the top of the list:

• Reach
• Cost-effectiveness
• Ability to target the desired audience
• Time to market

In this context, rich media ads that run across a wide variety of devices on a broad-reaching mobile web property are emerging as a superior solution to the development of native apps or in-app ad campaigns. As the diversity of web-enabled devices and platforms continues to grow, so will the adoption of HTML 5, JavaScript, and other standards-based technologies, increasing reach and competition, as well as lowering costs.

At Myxer we’ve helped several advertisers launch rich media campaigns this year in a matter of days, using extremely engaging rich media units across our mobile web site, which saw over 11 million unique visitors in the month of September. These brands have saved countless hours and dollars not having to deal with deciding which app platforms to target, not having to endure long creative lead times, and not having to worry about having enough reach against the audience they are trying to find.

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Get Free Mobile MP3 Downloads: Introducing the Myxer MP3 App for BlackBerry!

Man, are we psyched! After lots of hard work, we just launched our MP3 app for BlackBerry. Now you can take your favorite tunes with you wherever you go! No more pesky side-loading, either. And best of all— it’s free!

Myxer MP3 delivers the biggest hits from today’s hottest artists, as well as your favorite classic tunes— straight to your BlackBerry device.

With our Android MP3 app already under our belts, this was a natural progression, and early response has been immensely positive.Big thanks to all our fans for the kind words!

Some of the features include:

Choose from millions of high-quality songs.

Preview– try before you buy.

Download DRM-free tracks straight to your media player

Browse and download from our ever-growing selection of free songs.

Instant, on-the-go access to all the music you love!

While you’re downloading the app, have an MP3 on us! Check it out below.

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“Free Tunes” Tuesday: LaRue & The B.U.R.N. U Movement

Another installment of “Free Tunes” Tuesday is upon us, and you’ll ultimately love and hate us for today’s selection.

You’ll love us, of course, because the song is great, and you’ll hate us no doubt, ’cause this one’ll be stuck in your brain for days, if not weeks! However, we wholeheartedly assure you this is definitely 100% good, all around.

The Bronx’ own LaRue and his B.U.R.N. U Movement are in the midst of creating a powerhouse collective of conscious hip hop “for all ages.” Stop by their site to get a little idea and see what’s percolatin’ with the crew!

Today’s Free MP3, “The Haters Love Me,” will not only lend you the proper swagger you need— it’ll also hook you up with the mantra you must have to aspire to all new heights!

Grab the Free MP3 below, and let us know what you think!

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