Rush Couture Apparel: Leveraging Myxer to “Pump Up” The Shore!

Making a splash on the scene of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ during season 1, apparel company Rush Couture looked to Myxer to expand their brand reach as part of its marketing strategy for 2010. The brand felt it crucial to be able to reach consumers on their mobile devices and wanted them to have access to free, branded mobile content, in the form of wallpapers— in essence enabling fans to adorn their phones in much the same way they would with one of Rush Couture’s premium t-shirts.

In just over a month, The ‘Pump Up The Shore‘ Channel on Myxer has seen over 165k downloads of Rush Couture’s unique mobile wallpaper designs. Get yourself one today, and see if it doesn’t give your phone six-pack abs and a rockin’ tan!

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Hawaii Five-0 on CBS: Blog ‘em, Danno!

From the North Shore to New York City, from the late 60′s to the early 80′s (and on into syndication), the world was crazy about Hawaii Five-O. For twelve seasons, this stellar crime drama with its jaw-dropping, beautiful tropical backdrop became a television staple. Now in 2010, the show everyone’s been asking about will make its debut— the all new ‘Hawaii Five-0.’

Myxer is proud to be a part of the mobile campaign, and ecstatic to be a distribution point for one of the most addictive ringtones around! Check it out here and have your phone “hangin’ ten” in no time. Be sure to “catch the wave” and get ready for the premiere of the all new Hawaii Five-0, airing Monday September 20th at 10/9 C!

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Location ROI: The Relevance of Interruption

This article, ‘Location ROI: The relevance of interruption,’ was penned by Myxer’s Chief Evangelist and “man-about-the-country,” Jeff Sass, and originally appeared @

Location, location, location…

William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and we are merely players.” That was then and this is now. Now all the world’s a location waiting to be “checked in” at! Our modern lives are nothing more than a growing trail of digital breadcrumbs as we actively, and passively, broadcast our every move to friends and strangers alike. Despite the perceived perils of privacy (or the lack thereof), the liberation of our location is not necessarily the epitome of all evil. There can be benefits to location awareness, if we are just aware of them.

You are here…

There is no question that we live in a mobile world. Numerous studies predict that there will soon be more mobile phones than there are people on the planet, and just as many studies state that in a matter of years more people will be accessing the internet from their mobile phones than from desktop and laptop PCs. Thanks to the proliferation of these mobile devices, and especially the growing popularity of high-end smart phones, complete with always-on connectivity and internal GPS functions, your very specific location can be made readily available if you so desire. To find someone today, you needn’t hire a spy or P.I., or secretly stash a tracking chip in their pocket. More than likely you can find them through one of the many mobile apps, social networks, and location-based services that they have opted into that share their location from their mobile phone, actively or passively.

Location changes everything…

For many of us, our mobile phone is the center of our daily universe. It is the focal point for our information, entertainment, and communications, and it has changed the way we look at advertising and commerce. As much as mobile changes everything, location changes mobile.

We have all heard that “content is king” but in an always-on, interactive, digital world, really it is “context” that is king. Context is especially important for advertisers and marketers who are reaching out to hyper-targeted consumers, leveraging the power of digital to narrowcast their offers and messaging to the audience they believe is most likely to respond. The person on a boat ride is not likely to be responsive to notice of an afternoon sale from a midtown retailer; however, the person across the street from the store is. If context is king, location creates context.

Be relevant…

Location creates context and context creates relevance. In a mobile, location-aware world, everything should be relevant to your interests. The challenge for marketers is that most advertising is still an interruption. Worse, because the mobile phone is such a deeply personal device, and one we carry with us nearly 24/7, the potential of an ad being an interruption is amplified. The person relaxing on that boat does not want to be bothered by an ad on their phone for a sale occurring back on shore. For the person near the store, an ad about the afternoon sale is relevant, and thus to that person the ad is much less of an interruption. Hence, the Relevance of Interruption. Popular location services such as Foursquare and Gowalla are learning to leverage where someone “checks in” to deliver increasingly relevant offers. A check in at your office may present an offer for a discount at the Ben & Jerry’s next door (which happened to me). If you believe that at some level all mobile ads are interruptions, the more relevant the ad is, the less of an interruption it will be. Successful mobile advertising can be gauged by this new ROI — the relevance of interruption. And location can be a meaningful way to increase relevance and improve your standard ROI (return on investment).

Content can be relevant too…

Location-created relevance is not limited to advertising. Mobile content can also be more relevant based on a person’s location. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what may be able to be done with “mobile aware” content that leverages a person’s place as well as their interests. For example, my company has launched an Android app called GeoPix that lets you set different wallpaper images for an unlimited number of locations, based on your phone’s GPS information. You can set a location zone of any size and then assign a unique wallpaper image to that zone. Then as you go about your daily routines, your phone’s wallpaper image changes automatically as you enter one of your pre-set zones.

As another example, music video site Vevo has announced that its upcoming iPhone App will be location aware and will recommend local artists that might interest you based on your location. It is likely you will soon see many more examples of ways mobile content can be influenced by a person’s location. Geo-based ringtones, music, and playlists are inevitable and will create more ways to make mobile a highly personal, highly relevant experience.

In a mobile world, location creates context, relevance and opportunity…

What do you think? Should mobile marketers be considering location and the relevance of interruption?

(This article is based on a presentation given at the 2010 SFIMA Summit. You can view the presentation slides here and the video here.)

Bonus content alert! A beautiful “location-specific” mobile wallpaper from our ‘Experience Colorado’ campaign:

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Myxer, Finalist for 2010 MOBI Awards

We love accolades and awards just as much as the next guy, c’mon, who doesn’t? However, that’s not what drives us… What does drive us, though, is our sincere desire to empower bands and brands through the spirit of mobile, allowing them to reach and engage their fans and advocates– wherever they may roam.

But we ain’t gonna lie, it’s always fortuitous when we get to do both! So, of course we were tickled pink, and extremely honored, when we heard we were nominated in the category of “Best Mobile Branding” in DIGIDAY’s second-annual competition for our GEICO campaign. To be mentioned alongside HBO’s ‘True Blood‘ and BING, “What A Country!” to say that’s good company would be an understatement.

Winners will be announced Sept. 14 in NYC, if you’re in the vicinity, you can order your tickets here.

Until then, we’ll keep “GECKO-izing” the world, one mobile phone at a time.

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SXSW 2011: Pick a Peck o’ Panels

In 2011, Myxer will once again make the annual pilgrimage to Austin for SXSW, and of course we can’t wait. Being that SXSW is a “community-driven” event, and we are steadfast supporters of the music community at large, we felt inclined to throw our hat into the proverbial ring and offer our mobile insight to the amazing array of panel submissions for 2011. “South By” has always been a great way for Myxer to connect with the artists and bands that have been the backbone of the music part of our mobile content service.

In recent years the Interactive part of the show has exploded, adding even more value (and fun) to the annual Texas pilgrimage. The content at SXSW for panels and presentations is selected through a voting process that then influences the organizers. Last year our venerable Jeff Sass had the chance to speak at SXSW as part of Jeff Pulver’s 140Conf SXSW. This year Myxer is represented by four possible presentations in the Panel Picker, two in Music and two in Interactive, two by Jeff Sass and two by our fearless leader, Myk Willis.

If you are so inclined, please visit the SXSW PanelPicker and vote for one or all of the Myxer panels, especially if the topics are of interest to you. Voting is open until Midnight on Friday, August 27th. Below are brief descriptions of the four panels. Thanks for voting for us, and we’ll see you in Austin!

And Here Are Myxer’s SXSW 2011 Panel Submissions:



Major brands are learning to leverage the power of branded mobile content as a way to extend their relationship with their customers beyond the campaign and into their pockets. Take a look at the impact of branded mobile content as a way to express brand affinity, extend and sustain awareness and start conversations. See examples of brands who effectively ring in awareness and attention with catchy and clever “Brandtones” and learn how you too can dial up great results through branded mobile content delivery.


Every year for the past 10 years has been dubbed “the year of mobile.” The truth is, just as our phones have become an integrated part of our daily lives (too much so in many cases) “mobile” should be an integrated part of every marketers’ strategy, and not set aside as something special. Learn the truth behind mobile myths and how to make mobile work with Social, Online, and all your interactive initiatives.



You may have heard industry pundits claim “the ringtone is dead” but what they are really talking about is the decline in on-deck sales of $2.99 master tones of hit songs. With several major labels, artists and music publishers cashing in on ringtones, and using them as promotional tools for integrated marketing campaigns, there is proof that in fact the ringtone business is thriving. As more and more mobile phone owners embrace and consume a wide range of entertainment and personalization content, you need to seize the opportunity to get in front of them. Learn how artists from unknowns to Snoop Dogg make mobile work for them and use the ‘staying’ power of ringtones to keep their fans engaged, entertained, and coming back for more.


There will soon be more people accessing the Internet from their Mobile Phones than their PC’s. With the mobile web dominating the attention of your fans, why limit their access to you and your music to platform specific apps. Learn how you can use the Mobile Web to reach ALL your fans and go from their pockets to their pocketbooks.

Thanks again, and check out a great ringtone from our Akon/SXSW collaboration!

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