Myxer Sends Lil’ Wayne’s “The Carter” DVD Sales Soaring…

Quincy Jones III (QD3), a leader in urban entertainment, teamed up with us here at Myxer on a new mobile entertainment campaign that shows the power of free mobile content downloads to drive sales of DVDs.
On behalf of QD3, Myxer offered free mobile content from its site to support the new DVD launch of “The Carter with Lil’ Wayne.

Over the course of the four-week campaign, audiences responded very favorably, downloading more than one million pieces of mobile content from the documentary (ringtones, wallpapers, and videos), which led to a 20% increase in DVD sales, which helped drive the DVD to a #5 position on iTunes.

“While we were expecting several hundred thousand downloads of the free mobile content in the one month period, we were blown away by the fact that there were 1.1 million downloads in such a short time period,” said QD3. “It was great to have so many fans of The Carter “broadcasting” and acting as our “DVD ambassadors” as their phones rang and we’re thrilled to have worked with Myxer to create such a huge impact on our sales.”

“Myxer believes the branding power of mobile personalization content is superior to many other forms of digital advertising,” said Myk Willis, CEO of  Myxer.   “The quality and frequency of user engagement with a mobile download, such as a ringtone or wallpaper that users seek out and carry with them for weeks, is clearly differentiated from that offered by traditional digital ads.  The sustained brand awareness and viral potential of personal mobile content simply can’t be matched by short-lived banner impressions or clicks in isolation.”

To download or view all the free offerings please visit our Lil’ Wayne Channel.

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The Protege Performance Lounge

Just about 3 days until the first live performance at the Protege Performance Lounge. So don’t get caught sleepin’ if you want to download some of the hottest ringtones in the game! Fans who get to the lounge early can peep exclusive Protege content, as well as ringtones from the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Joe Budden, Yo Gotti and many more. So, start runnin’ the fast-break, A.S.A.P. if you want to see what Myxer and Protege have got waitin’ for ya– behind the Velvet Rope!

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More Malice, More Mobile: Snoop Dogg & Myxer Join Forces

Myxer and the inimitable Snoop Dogg, announced today a promotional partnership for the upcoming Snoop Dogg release of the CD + DVD combo More Malice – the follow-up to the highly successful original album, Malice N Wonderland. As part of the promotion, Snoop will utilize Myxer’s MobileStage product to deliver exclusive and behind the scenes branded mobile entertainment video content revolving around the upcoming album and mini movie Malice N Wonderland, also to be released with the album, to millions of music and hip-hop fans across Myxer’s platform.

More Malice, which will be released on March 23rd, 2010 from Capitol/EMI, will feature 5 songs from the previously released Malice N Wonderland along with 5 entirely new songs and 2 remixes. More Malice features songs and remixes with Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, Bun B and more. Also included in the More Malice release will be a never-before-seen mini movie entitled “Malice N Wonderland.” The movie, which features Snoop in the title role as the super hero Malice looking to save his home land of Wonderland, features all star cameos including Jamie Foxx, Xzibit and Nipsey Hussle.

On the eve of the launch and mini movie release, Myxer has created a More Malice MobileStage content channel (, launching today, which features exclusive videos of the making of the Malice N Wonderland mini movie, ringtones, and wallpapers, and will be accessible to more than 30 million passionate music fans within the Myxer community. Additionally, there will be embeddable widgets that will be featured on numerous major music and hip-hop websites as well as placed on Snoop’s various social networking platforms for easy access to the mobile downloads, as well as custom text keywords.

Snoop Dogg fans will also have an opportunity to fly to Los Angeles and hang with Snoop based on hidden word clues after the videos are downloaded.

“These days its all about the artist interacting with the fans directly,” said Snoop Dogg. “I know what my fans want and now with Myxer I can give them what they want and need by delivering the best content straight into their hands, giving them exclusive content, and what they can expect to see on my upcoming More Malice album.”

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A Billion “Thank Yous” To All The Myxer Faithful

At Myxer, there’s rarely a day when we don’t have to step back, pinch ourselves, and give thanks for all the amazing things that have happened in the 5 years since we launched. And with this one, we can barely contain our excitement, as it’s truly such a notable, impressive benchmark— our 1 billionth download.

As we’ve grown, the Myxer community has grown along with us and supported us the entire way, and for that— we just cannot thank you all enough. Your faithful patronage (all 30 million+ of ya!) has enabled us to become the “go-to” destination for the best in mobile entertainment and personalization.

With a ton of exciting new features and awesome content on the way, we remain just as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we were way back in 2005! So, really— a huge thank you guys— here’s to another billion, and for allowing us to have so much fun while bringing you the best in mobile entertainment!

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Myxer’s “BoomBox” Is Changin’ The Data Game!

Since 2005, Myxer has been delivering mobile entertainment to consumers on every major mobile device, platform and carrier network. The Myxer BoomBox Report provides a transparent view into the behavior of Myxer users in order to reveal trends and consumer preferences we believe are relevant to those tracking innovation at the convergence of the music and mobile spaces.

Tune into this report monthly, as we’ll be shedding lots of insight on a variety of interesting topics related to the mobile landsape. We’re really proud of this report, and invite you to check out the inaugural issue right here: BoomBox.

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