Sprint problems?

Hey, everyone. We’ve had some people complain that Sprint phones are having problems with the updated website. We’re looking into that right now. In the meantime, please let us know if you’re experiencing problems with your Sprint phone (especially if it used to work for you).

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Holy Crap What Happened?!?!

You may have noticed a few things have changed around here. Well, OK, you may have noticed that just about everything has changed! For the past couple of months, we’ve been locked in the bowels of a strange home while large men with scruffy hair on their arms and elongated canines barked barely intelligible orders at us. Words once foreign – “CSS”, “master pages”, “ISAPI filters”, “the merchandise” – all came to take on terrifying significance.

Throughout our ordeal, and despite all the visible changes that came out of it, what remains the same is this: we’re focused on making MyxerTones the absolute best way to make and share mobile phone ringtones and wallpapers. Whether you’re an independent artist trying to get your songs to your fans’ phones, or you just want to put a pretty picture of your girl on your own mobile, we want you to think of MyxerTones as the only way to get it done.

With this release, we’ve…

  1. exposed our massive catalog of exclusive mobile content for the first time. There’s over 14,000 ringtones and wallpapers available at no charge! Go ahead – count ‘em!
  2. greatly increased the opportunity for exposure for the thousands of independent artists using MyxerTones. Your fans can recommend and comment on your content, giving you exposure to the thousands of visitors to MyxerTones each day.
  3. allowed you to see what other people are creating and downloading.
  4. Made it a snap to send ringtones and wallpapers to all of your friends.
  5. oh, come on, you don’t want to read about all the new features! Just check it out for yourself!

Over the next few days (well, after the headache goes away), we’ll be pointing out some of the new features that we think are really cool. For now, have a blast with the new MyxerTones!

The MyxerTones Crew

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Improved image editing for wallpapers

We just added the ability to crop and rotate pictures you want to use as wallpapers.

Don’t want your old boyfriend in that picture? No problem. Just upload your picture and use our online image editor to select the exact postion of the picture you want to use as your wallpaper.

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Name That Band

I just found this fun little band name generator. You can seed it with a custom word (or not).

Check it out at: http://www.bandnamemaker.com/

Just don’t take Lethargic Frenzy though, that one is mine (now all I need to do is form a actual band).

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Carrier and Phone Compatibility

Want to know if your phone is compatible with MyxerTones? Ok, here’s the deal: The only real requirements are that the phone can access the internet and that it can play real music ringtones (we don’t do MIDI because we want the ringtones to sound like the actual song you choose). The easiest thing to do is just test your phone. We don’t charge you anything, so go ahead and give it a try.

MyxerTones works with most newer the phones and carriers out there (both inside and outside the US). Unfortunately we can’t currently support phones on Nextel, Boost Mobile, Telus Mobility (Canada), and Metro PCS.

Nextel, Boost Mobile, and Telus Mobility have all disabled the ability for users to use downloaded songs as ringtones on their phones and Metro PCS does not offer internet access from phones on their network. It’s a real bummer beacuse there’s not too much we can do about this except wait for the carriers to change their policies or add additional functionality.

Here is a list of some “dinosaur” phones that don’t work with MyxerTonesâ„¢ because they can’t play real music ringtones:

BlackBerry 7100
Nokia 3590
Nokia 3595
Nokia 6010
Samsung A500
Samsung A970
Samsung E638

And here is a list of a few phones that should work, but the carrier does not allow you to set a downloaded song as a ringtone:

Audiovox CDM-8915
LG 5200
LG 8100
LG 9800
Pantech PN-215
Samsung SCH-A850
Sidekick II

Other than that, you should be in good shape. If you don’t have one of the phones listed here and still can’t get it to work, please let us know so we can figure out what’s going on.

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