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Hi. I’m Allison and I’ll be guest blogging tonight. It seems that Marsha and George (or “Geo” as I believe he is listed in the contributors section) may still be recouperating from their whirlwind trip to Toronto. Sounds like they had a good time.

As I write this, I am listening to the The Groove Bros song “Last Dance”; however, it is making me type to the rhythm so it’s a bit unnerving.

I’m going to get to the other links in Marsha’s post (below) in the next day or so. I’m always looking for new music to listen to and new ringtones for my phone:


Right now, in addition to a bunch of non-musical podcasts, I am listening to Editors. My two favorites are Munich and Blood.

I also have a fondness for Supreme Beings of Leisure. I picked up the song, Under the Gun, a while back and love their sound.

While I like the bands, I bought the songs and made ringtones myself using Myxertones – that way, I can edit them as I like.

Sort of like my grandmother always used to say, “why buy the ringtone when you can buy the mp3 and use myxertones and get the ringtone free?” Ok, honestly, there is no way my grandmother could construct a sentence like that – but you get the idea.


Like everyone, I have different ringtones for different people. But my general ringtone is the Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by The Flaming Lips. It’s peppy and definitely relevant.

Well, enough from me. If Myk says so – I’ll be back.

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NxNE Review

I just got back from three great days in Toronto for the North By Northeast Music Conference. I learned a lot about what it takes to make it in the music industry and I really respect all of the bands working hard out there to make their music and get noticed. One of the benefits of attending the conference is seeing the bands perform. I popped into a few bars for just a few minutes, but these are the guys I really got time to see and hear. All great shows. I only wish I had more time and that the bars were closer together so I could have seen more.

Thursday, 6/8
Jerry Leger and the Situations @ The Black Bull – Good music. Nice guys.
Mark Berube @ Healey’s – Fun band. You’ve got to love a guy who plays the accordion.
Epileptic Hero @ The Cameron – Great Guys. (Nice cover while Seth fixed his guitar strap.)
The Mercury Seed @ The Black Bull – Got there late. Wish I could have seen more.

Friday, 6/9
The Groove Bros @ The Richmond Lounge – Great Energy. Couldn’t help from dancing.
Peachcake @ The Bagel – Wild Show! Thanks for the free pirate eye patch.

Shows I really wish I would have seen (oh well, maybe next year):
The Deadbeats
The Hemingway Solution

The Spectaculars
And many others

Check out these bands and other bands that performed at NxNE . Some already have MyxerTags available. Hopefully the others will have them available soon. If you like their stuff, but don’t see any ringtones ask them to make their music into ringtones using MyxerTags.

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Psst, buddy. Wanna sell a ringtone?

OK, check this out. You have a band, right? You’ve been using MyxerTags from Myxer to give away ringtones of your songs and wallpapers of your concert pix from your MySpace page. Well, now instead of just giving your stuff away, you can choose to sell your own ringtones for real money!

Even if you still want to give your stuff away for free to reward your fans, the new Sharing & Selling support of Myxer is really cool. It lets you do things like upload your song files to our servers (so you don’t have to host them on another website), generate reports on how many downloads you’ve had in a given period, and man wait ’til you see what’s coming next!

To use the new sharing and selling features, you just need a (free) Myxer account, and then you have to agree to the Sharing & Selling Terms of Use.

This is really cool stuff, we’re all really pumped up about what this means for artists trying to keep their independence and still make enough money from their hard work to pay some of the bills. Keep your feedback coming, we love to hear from you all!

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Myxer at North By Northeast (NxNE)

Hey, everybody. Quick note to let you know Marsha and George are at North By Northeast this week to check out all of the great indie bands and meet up with some current Myxer artists. If you happen to be in Toronto for this great time, keep your eye out for them. They’ll be the ones in front of the artist registration booths giving out Myxer cards to all the bands as they register!

And, wow, the Buzzcocks are playing??? I think I’m showing my age…

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Get Cool Myxer Stuff

Hi, it’s me again. Wishing you had some cool Myxer Stuff? Well, you’re in luck. We just opened the Myxer Store at CafePress. Check it out at

Wear Myxer Gear and look cool at parties. :)


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